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Cybersecurity: 8 Tips To Protect Your Company

1.Be Careful With Email

  • Cybersecurity: 8 Tips To Protect Your Company At a business level, email is one of the primary sources of virus entry. Every day we receive hundreds of emails, some from known senders and others from the opposite. For this reason, it is necessary to apply common sense and not download attached files with strange names or sent by suspicious senders, nor click on the links they contain. 
  • In addition, scams with emails that imitate the appearance and even the sender of banks or telecommunications companies have multiplied lately. Be suspicious and never include passwords or send data by email. Cybersecurity: 8 Tips Remember that these companies make a private area available to their clients within their website from which to carry out operations safely. 

2.Operating Systems And Antivirus Are Constantly Updated

Granted, there are times when your computer proceeds to download system updates at the most inopportune time, and it takes a while, but it’s for a reason. Operating system updates usually include patches and solutions to some security “holes” that have been recently detected. Cybersecurity: 8 Tips Therefore, be patient and let the team update itself. With antivirus, more of the same. New viruses appear every day, so to ensure the highest degree of protection possible, they must always be up to date.

3. Protect Wi-Fi Connection

Another news of the year, as far as cybersecurity is concerned, was hacking the WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2) protocol a few months ago, which is considered the safest system for protecting wireless networks. For now, and until another system is created, we should always browse and send information on websites encrypted with HTTPS, SSL, or any other protocol that includes additional encryption to WPA2. Cybersecurity: 8 Tips Another option is to use a VPN, a virtual private network that creates a separate encrypted connection between the network and the client. Lastly, it would be best if you kept an eye on the patches the manufacturers will propose to their clients.

4. Secure Encryption And Certification For The Exchange Of Sensitive Information

Essential to protect your information. When the company is going to make a payment or exchange sensitive data, it is necessary to verify that they are made on sites with reliable security certificates and through secure payment gateways. 

5.Work In A Safe Environment (Whenever Possible)

Sometimes there is no choice but to take a laptop home from work or a presentation or event. It is practically unavoidable, but it is not the best thing for your company’s security. If, for example, your company has its internal server where all the materials are stored, and the connection to it is not made from the office with the entity’s credentials. Still, from an employee’s home or using the Wi-Fi of a fair or station, the vulnerability of the information is dangerously increased.

6. Do Not Install Unauthorized Programs.

Games, extensions, tools, free antiviruses, plugins … The Internet is full of programs that, under another guise, can access the information on your computer or directly infect it. For this reason, when installing a new program, first investigate its origin and reputation. If you are unsure, consult an IT expert or, directly, do not install it and look for an “official” one that fulfils the same functions.

7. Passwords: Complex And With An Expiration Date

Teaching employees good habits and uses that contribute to the company’s cybersecurity is an obligation. It is essential to use passwords with alphanumeric characters of long extension that contain upper and lower case letters. In addition, the ideal is to change it from time to time. In no case should more than one year pass without modifying it. 

8.Back Up Regularly

Make a security copy or backup of all company information. If you have a recent and updated backup, you can recover what you had stored.

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