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What Is Short Marketing?

What is short marketing? Short marketing is a technique that consists of quickly identifying impactful levers for companies without going through a lengthy and costly study.

The Logic Is Simple: Rapid Implementation For Short And Medium-Term Results.

After more than 13 years of studying their developments with our customers, it was evident that the biggest obstacle is the analysis of their situation and the implementation of rapid and practical solutions. What is short marketing

Very often, the needs and especially the objectives are poorly formulated.

For example, a company consults us telling us that it wants to create a website. Sure. But why? What purpose? What is the goal?

A tool is only a tool at the service of an objective.

The purpose of this customer is to sell more products and services. Alone, a website will not change anything. What is short marketing? 

They need a strategy and set up an effective ecosystem. In particular, work on the chain that goes from the customer’s search on the Internet for the product or service to the delivery of the product:

  • The research of the product, and the customer, will be done by the Internet: therefore, it is imperative to be well referenced and to make AdWords campaigns.
  • When the consumer clicks on an ad or a natural result, it is essential that he lands on an effective landing page, which directs him immediately to what he is looking for. This will prevent him from leaving the Site immediately.
  • The Site must be optimized for the consumer, clear and straightforward so that he can easily and quickly find how to achieve his goal: the purchase, or sometimes helpful information.
  • Then, it will be necessary to engage the customer towards the conversion tunnel, which will lead him quickly towards the act of purchase.
  • Finally, the service will have to follow between delivery and customer follow-up.

These different steps (minimum) are essential.

And the whole problem, most of the time, is:

The chain toward the act of purchase is not thoroughly thought out. There are holes in the racket and, therefore, brakes for the consumer who will not go to the end.

The setup is scary, so companies do not engage in this business opportunity.

This Is Where Short Marketing Comes In.

It is aimed at companies that do not have practical tools and resources and wish to engage in a growth dynamic rapidly. As we have seen, the objective is to remove all the obstacles that lead to inaction. You must trust your service provider, who will engage additional levers for optimal efficiency. What is short marketing? 

Each his trade. Please leave it to your service provider. Trust him for the analysis and the implementation. You will gain infinite time. And above all, you will be in action. You will have plenty of time to judge these performances. What is short marketing? 

Not all markets lend themselves to this. Some are already too competitive, and the players in these markets are already very aware and equipped, which implies the need to implement more resources over a more extended period.

But some markets are still open, often regulated or unregulated professions: doctor, lawyer, notary, nurse, veterinarian, dental surgeon, legal representative, chiropractor, orthoptist, osteopath, psychologist, psychometrician, bailiff, physiotherapist but also manual trades such as mason, glazier, shoemaker, locksmith, roofer-zinc worker, plumber, heating engineer, electrician, carpenter, navy or carpenter.

A Few Tools And Approaches Can Very Quickly Have A Substantial Impact.

For example, for a doctor, with a budget of 8 to 10,000 €, it is possible to create relevant and practical tools:

  • a website optimized for patients or clients and well referenced (for image, information with customers or patients and positioning on search engines)
  • a well-informed Google My Business
  • optimization of the leading social networks

Well done, these simple tools will allow you to position yourself on the Internet and thus quickly trigger calls and appointments.

Another example of similar budgets for players in more competitive markets let’s take the example of a parachute jump seller:

  • a simple online sales Site with an optimized transformation tunnel
  • a well-designed Google AdWords strategy
  • Relevant landing pages
  • effective calls to action

will make it possible to explode conversion rates.

Note: for e-commerce sites, a percentage of sales may help reduce initial costs and test models with the counterpart of sharing the results.

In Summary:

Don’t tell yourself that it’s too complicated, and there are simple and effective models very quickly.

Don’t get into too complex models at the start. You will often embark on a gas plant that will never meet your needs or cost you a fortune.

Our advice: Start with a simple, well-thought-out model, test it, and optimize it over time.

Our method involves identifying these levers through a quick audit and proposing an appropriate action plan with immediate implementation.

The best way to develop is to act.

That’s good. That’s what we’re here for!

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