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6 Cybersecurity Options To Protect Your Company

6 Cybersecurity Options To Protect Your Company: A couple of weeks ago we talked about the 5 trends that every CEO should know about cybersecurity in order to protect their company, now, we have to make special mention of this information that Sophos offers us and that will help us implement measures so that our business stay safe throughout this year.

 “Currently, the response of security systems to cyberattacks is showing that they are not quite up to the complexity shown by increasingly advanced threats . All this is largely due to the large number of existing outdated solutions, which are not connected to each other or are poorly managed”.

 These are the 6 measures that any company should implement and take into account to avoid these increasingly advanced threats:6 Cybersecurity Options  

1. Move From Layered To Integrated Security

Many companies now own multiple solutions that were once best-in-class, but are now too expensive and difficult to manage . Moving towards integrated solutions where all components communicate and work together will help solve this. For example, if malware disables security software on an endpoint, network security should automatically quarantine that device, reducing risk to the entire environment

2. Implementation Of Next-Generation Endpoint Protection

As ransomware spreads far and wide and endpoints become increasingly diversified, businesses must focus on endpoint protection . 6 Cybersecurity Options But signature-based solutions are no longer enough on their own, and zero-day attacks can be missed. Solutions should be selected that recognize and avoid the techniques and behaviors used in almost all attacks. 

3. Prioritize Security Based On Risk

No company has the necessary resources to systematically protect everything , and 100% prevention is not realistic. The risks associated with each system must be defined and efforts focused accordingly. 6 Cybersecurity Options Risks change rapidly – look for tools that dynamically track them and deliver responses accordingly. But you have to make sure that those tools are practical and easy to use. 

4. Automation Basics

You cannot waste time always carrying out the same reports and performing the same security tasks. It is necessary to automate all those processes that can be done in a simple way, in order to be able to concentrate resources on the most serious risks and really important tasks. 

5. Train Workers To Avoid And Mitigate Social Engineering

Just as social engineering attacks are now prevalent, it is now more important than ever to educate users and engage them in prevention . Each person or group should be educated about those threats that are most likely to be encountered. Make sure you’re up to date: An outdated explanation of topics like phishing can backfire, giving you a false sense of security. 

6. Improve Coordinated Defense

Cybercrime is a form of organized crime, so your defense must also be organized. That means choosing tools and processes that remove barriers within the company, so everyone can quickly respond to the same attack. It also means that new opportunities must be sought to collaborate legally and practically with other companies and institutions, being able to mitigate widespread attacks and learn from the mistakes made by others. 

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