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HomeBUSINESSWhy Should Your Website Have a Chatbot?

Why Should Your Website Have a Chatbot?

Currently, many companies have implemented automatic communication systems on their websites, with the aim of streamlining contact between customers and the business. These systems are known as chatbots. 

Today, we will learn a little about its experience with this technological innovation, in addition to the advantages it offers.

Communication software is part of a broad category that includes everything from assistants Alexa and Siri to automated text chat on any company’s customer service page.

The most potent chatbots and those that can really have an impact on user experience and company results are those that function as virtual assistants or agents. These programs are powered by artificial intelligence, so they can understand and answer a wide variety of customer questions.

How do chatbots work?

Bots designed as virtual assistants must scan the customer’s request, combine it with any other available information (such as their previous purchases, account settings, or geographic location), and then identify the information the person wants to receive.

For example, the information required by people interested in acquiring heavy machinery includes queries such as: “Rent trucks in Chile ”, “ rental of mining machinery ”, “ purchase and sale of cranes ”, or “How much does a backhoe cost per hour ”. Once the chatbot has identified the query, it responds with a script intended to resolve the customer’s question.

Like all successful automation efforts, programmed customer service robots may reduce costs, but the improvements they make to the user experience are much more impactful: Bots are available 24/7. Week, and often respond to customer questions more quickly than people.

Another positive aspect of chatbots is that they are capable of identifying and automating more than 60% of customer service calls. Additionally, well-designed virtual assistants increase customer satisfaction.

In fact, many companies are asking their customers to rate their satisfaction after conversations with a virtual agent on par with the responses from human assistants, and those scores are improving as the bot more effectively handles questions.

Experience and the benefits of having a chatbot on your website

Customer satisfaction: Implementing a chatbot has resulted in increased customer satisfaction, which can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Cost reduction: The need for growth in the customer service department has been managed through the implementation of a bot that is increasingly capable of handling complex queries.

Increase in sales and interaction with customers: Bots provide another channel to reach customers. These programs can be leveraged to increase user engagement with timely tips and offers.

Reach new customers: By having an active chatbot on the website, it has been able to communicate with new customers who visit the site. In many cases, users do not want to contact companies with an email or a call, so having a virtual assistant makes the communication process more accessible.

Benefits that offers to its clients through the chatbot

24-hour availability: The client can make their queries at any time of the day and from any device, which is an exclusive advantage that this type of technology provides. 

Instant responses: Using chatbots means responding more quickly to customers and having a positive impact on them, thanks to the speed of reactions.

Consistent answers: If a customer service representative is not able to resolve the user’s question, the user may be tempted to call again to see if the next representative is better. The chatbot provides consistent responses, and the customer is assured that the brand has approved the reactions. 

Quality in customer service: People in contact with customers have a great responsibility: it is mainly up to them to make a difference so that a potential consumer turns into an effective sale. 

However, sometimes dealing with altered users affects the quality of customer service, and technology offers a solution for these circumstances: chatbots. 

Robots are designed to provide quality care under any circumstance, thus offering correct responses to all users, regardless of whether they are happy or upset.

Final Words

Nowadays, it is vital to differentiate yourself from the competition by offering the customer added value, whether in the product, service, attention or any other aspect. To start adding value to a website, implementing a chatbot with the aim of improving customer service is a good starting point.

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