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Payment Methods For Your Online Business

Payment Methods For Your Online Business The payment process is one of the most relevant aspects of electronic commerce since it is the moment many users abandon their cart.

Currently, there are numerous payment methods. We tell you about the most used ones and everything you need to know about them so that you can deliberate on which ones are most suitable for your eCommerce.

TPV Virtual (Redsys – Serviced – CECA – 4B)

What is the Virtual POS? It is the payment gateway used to pay using our credit/debit card.

That is, it is the digital version of the classic dataphone.

With this payment method, the client himself enters the data of his bank card (number, expiration date, and CVV), but the merchant does not receive said data to guarantee the client’s security.

It is the POS that contacts the bank and receives or not the purchase authorization.

This payment method is safe, comfortable, and economical since, for the consumer, it does not imply any cost. Although the business must agree on the conditions of the service with its bank since, in most cases, a commission must be paid when contracting said service.


The well-known PayPal is one of the preferred methods for consumers to make purchases online. This is due to the ease and security that this payment method provides.

The customer does not need to give their card or account number to the merchant by using PayPal.

When making the purchase and making the Payment with PayPal, the customer will only have to give the email and password of their PayPal user so that the merchant, at no time, has access to the customer’s bank information.

In addition, it usually guarantees the client in case of fraud, making it one of the most chosen payment methods. However, such disputes can take up to 180 days to resolve.

Transfer Payment

They are a method that is still used, although it can slow down the purchase process since if they are different banking entities, the transfer can take several business days to become effective.

Even so, many customers continue to choose it since, with this payment method, it is not necessary to provide bank details.

Cash On Delivery

With this payment method, the customer pays once he receives his order, although it usually implies an additional surcharge.

For the customer, it can be helpful since he pays once he receives the product, which reduces the risk of losing money. Still, it can be a risk for the seller since he becomes more vulnerable to the customer not receiving the order and having to do it—charge of the shipping and return costs.

Payment Service

It is a fast and safe way to make purchases online where the customer only needs a mobile phone and to have the Payment service active with their bank.

But you should know that it differs from the Payment that can be done “among friends.”

The Merchant Payment Service with Payment requires a 4-digit code that customers establish when activating the service with their bank.

So when making the Payment, you only have to enter your phone number and the password.

Due to its simplicity and speed, it is one of the preferred methods by customers.

What Method Do I Choose For My eCommerce?

It would be best if you analyzed the profile and needs of your customers. But it is highly recommended that you provide them with various options so they can choose the one that best suits them at all times.

Remember that facilitating the purchase process will make customers complete and repeat it on future occasions.

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