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What Is The Best Blockchain?

What Is The Best Blockchain? Today we will look at the best blockchains in the top 5 with their particularities, advantages, and disadvantages. The number one spot would have been too predictable, so this time, we’ll skip Bitcoin and introduce you to other blockchains you should know about.


Let’s start with Bitcoin’s biggest rival, Ethereum. It permits the use of intelligent contracts and the creation of decentralized applications helpful for network services.

Vitalik Buterin was only 21 when he laid the foundation for it. His goal was for Ethereum to be a decentralized financial product that anyone could use for free anytime.

Ether, the native token, is the second largest digital asset by market cap after Bitcoin.

Initially, Ethereum used the Verification of Work mechanism. Still, starting in 2020, it began working to transition to Proof of Stake, which would allow it to become a faster network, but also more economically stable.

The biggest problem it faces is network congestion, where transactions require payment of gas fees to be validated and taxes that can be high.

Binance Smart Chain

The following blockchain on our list is Binance Smart Chain. It started as a choice to Ethereum and works likewise, but the costs are much lower. Binance Smart Chain can run smart contracts and permit the creation of applications.

The native token, BNB, is used to pay transaction fees. The network has become popular in recent years thanks to the applications created on it, especially since it is accessible and anyone can use it.

Binance Smart Chain could be better. It was created by the same team that owns the Binance exchange and the BNB coin, so it is a decentralized system. As a result, Binance controls the entire network.

Since the transaction fees are small, you can easily find projects with no use cases, useless NFTs, and various scams.


Avalanche cuts as he is a strong competitor, and his high speed stands out. It can process more than 4,500 dealings per second, while Ethereum can only process 30.

Furthermore, it supports the entire set of tools the Ethereum network uses and includes many nodes.

On its foundation, it has a primary network and three other blockchains, all interconnected. The native currency is called AVAX and is used for gambling and paying transaction fees.


If you thought Avalanche was a fast protocol, there is still more: the team behind Solana claims that this blockchain can process more than 710,000 transactions per second.

Solana innovated in the blockchain industry by implementing a hybrid consensus mechanism, combining proof of stake and proof of history with a fast data synchronization system at its base.

The native token is SOL, which offers security to the blockchain and can be used for transfers and transaction fees. Solana and its basic principles are similar to the Ethereum model. Over 500 million SOLs are in circulation, but the founders control about 60% of the supply.

The blockchain is still vulnerable as it does not have many active validators. It also encountered performance problems due to needing to be more overloaded. 

Near Protocol 

Last but not least, we have a Near Protocol. It uses Nightshade, a unique sharding technology for the scalability most blockchains can only dream of. The project started as a decentralized cloud infrastructure to host decentralized applications.

It offers cross-chain interoperability through the Rainbow Bridge and a Layer 2 solution called Aurora. Users can connect native ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum to the NEAR protocol and benefit from lower transaction fees.

The native NEAR token is used to pay transaction and data storage fees. You can also bet on bounties or government votes.


Now you may be wondering: what is the best blockchain to use and invest in?

Unfortunately, for now, no one can predict which project will be able to outperform Bitcoin.

They all want to solve the blockchain trilemma that perfectly balances scalability, security, and decentralization. Only time will tell who will survive the cryptocurrency jungle.

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