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Call To Action Or CTA, What Is It?

Call To Action Or CTA, What Is It? Have you heard of a Call to Action or CTA? In this post, you will discover what they are, their importance, and how to create a good CTA. Keep reading!

Call to Action or CTA concept.

The Call to Action (CTA), or in Spanish, “call to action,” is an image or text in the form of a button that invites users of a website to perform a specific action. Usually, this button located on the Web is generally linked to a landing page and offers content of interest or a type of offer for the user or a potential client.

Why Is It An Essential Element On A Website?

Through CTAs, we can boost the achievement of conversions and therefore facilitate the fulfillment of the objectives set and achieve better results.

This objective will change according to the purpose achieved, such as downloading an eBook, reading an article, or visiting a web page…

CTAs are closely related to Copywriting since it is necessary to capture users’ attention through an appropriate text, with a message tone that conveys what we want to communicate, short sentences with a careful and original style. In short, for them to click on our CTA, quality in the text is essential. 

How Do We Create A Good CTA?


The CTA must stand out on your website. For this, it must be placed in a space free of distractions so that the user quickly visualizes the button.


The design of the button must be consistent with the style of the web page so that it offers consistency with the rest of the elements. In this way, we will be able to obtain a corporate tone in each of the communications that are made. In addition, it must be designed so that the user identifies it as a CTA button through its shape or relief, for example.

Know Your Audience

Being clear about who our target audience is and how it behaves will help us select the most convenient type of CTA so that it can have the most impact. In this case, knowing the concept of “Buyer persona” (read our post on this topic What is the buyer persona? ) will be helpful to us to be clear about who our clients are.


Customizing the button text is another element to consider. It is essential to offer the button’s purpose, focusing the message on the action in the first person and introducing, if possible, coherent keywords between the offer being offered and the landing page that links to it.

Action messages have evolved, with more creative or carefree texts becoming more frequent. For example, from the typical “Click here” to “Count on me.”

Ideal Placement

As mentioned before, you must stand out without becoming intrusive. It must be placed in a natural and accessible way on the website. The most visible CTAs are usually arranged in the upper right third of a website. However, depending on the purpose, we can place them at the end of an article in a blog, for example, or in the sidebar for a general offer. It all depends on your goals.

CTA Numbers

It is not recommended to create many CTAs on the same web page because they could create confusion. In the case of making several, the maximum number of recommended CTAs would be two or three, distinguishing the main one or the one that meets the stated objective that interests us the most.

Offer Something In Return.

For the user to click on our button, it is necessary to offer something in return that generates value, such as the free download of an eBook or a guide, a discount, or a subscription to a blog… without forgetting that this value is related to the activity of the Web.

A/B Testing

It is essential to test with different buttons so that we can check which of them works best. We can try placing it on various sites, changing its design through its shape, size, or color, modifying the text, and redesigning or improving the CTA, depending on the results.

With all these guidelines and knowing what it is for, you can now create the perfect CTA for your web page!

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