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Computer Attacks: The Invisible Threat

Nowadays, with the widespread use of the Internet, no one is exempt from suffering a cyber attack. This can also manifest itself in multiple ways because cybercriminals are finding more and more ways to compromise our personal and professional information.

For anyone, a computer attack can leave their banking details exposed, for example, with the consequences that this may entail. But, on a large scale, with the constant handling of information that is currently carried out in companies, a computer attack can be fatal, in addition to exposing the company to legislative sanctions for not adequately protecting the data of its employees, clients or suppliers.

The Threat is there, and it can have very adverse effects at a very high cost for a company. Hence, it is essential to take appropriate measures to avoid it.

Seven tips to protect your company from cyber attacks

The risks that a company could suffer from a computer attack are on the table, so it must take extreme precautions to protect its sensitive information correctly. Here are some tips :

  1. Store the data through a cloud payment system, which will give us an excellent guarantee compared to if we do it with a free provider. You have to have a copy of everything!
  2. Keep computer equipment updated (operating system) and protected (with antivirus).
  3. Review all passwords periodically and try to establish secure keys, which are more difficult for cybercriminals to decipher.
  4. Use appropriate security protocols to avoid unwanted intrusions into the information managed by the company and create backup copies so that nothing is lost.
  5. Train employees so that security leaks do not occur. This way, they will know at all times how to apply measures to guarantee the security of the data they handle daily in the company.
  6. Taking out good business insurance is essential to be covered in the event of a cyber attack on our company, since we will need legal advice, among other services that are also usually included and that give peace of mind to the company.
  7. Report any attack received to the police because only then will it be possible to capture cyber criminals so that they do not repeat they’re criminal manoeuvres with other companies and, of course, to prevent potential data stolen from our company from being used for fraudulent purposes.

Many of the measures that must be taken to protect our company against possible computer attacks will be carried out internally. But others will inevitably be entrusted to external companies specializing in the protection of computer data that any company stores daily, regardless of the sector.


Companies are very often the target of computer attacks because cybercriminals find more security leaks than we can imagine. Sometimes, for them, it is as simple as companies using computer systems that are not updated or with expired antivirus or a worker not being attentive and clicking on a dangerous link. That is enough for the consequences to be terrible for the company.

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