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The New Business Model: Food Truck: Do You Need Insurance?

The New Business Model: Food Truck: Do You Need Insurance? Indeed you have eaten there more than once and have heard of the Food Truck phenomenon in the food sector, or perhaps you want to set up your Food Truck business, 

But Do You Know What The Perfect Insurance For Your Business Is?

The answer is clear and concise: of course, it is. Despite the innovation that it promoted with its creation, it is still a commercial activity and, as such, must be insured.

But first of all, what is a Food Truck? It is a business on wheels, that is, in a van or truck, which sells drinks and food in the open air to anything that circulates nearby.

Does the legislation of Spain mark insurance that is for Food Trucks? Not really, because you need several insurances so your business can be 100% protected. The New Business Model: Food Truck

Is It Regular Insurance?

The truth is, no. The characteristics of the Food Truck make their insurance complex; therefore, they must take special care. If we think about it, a Food Truck is made up of several elements: The New Business Model: Food Truck

  • Truck or van.
  • Food and drink.
  • Refrigerator and kitchen appliances.
  • Servers.

Now Think: Of These Items, How Many Should Be Insured? Indeed, Everyone.

First, the truck or van (which will serve as your establishment) is a vehicle you must insure to avoid problems in the event of accidents, vehicle theft, or damage. On the other hand, it is also a business. That is, you must protect it to ensure that its interior is not stolen or the materials you have in the Food Truck are not broken.

Inside the Food Truck, you keep food and drinks that are later sold so people can consume them. You must ensure their refrigerators and kitchen appliances to avoid any incident or breakage that does not allow you to continue with your commercial activity.

Lastly, who serves the food? That’s right, the waiters. Servers generally travel with the Food Truck wherever they go, so they must be covered by insurance (usually car insurance) when they travel from one place to another. The New Business Model: Food Truck

In addition, during their working day, you know that occupational safety is essential since they can have an accident with kitchen material, so they must also be insured for these risks (assessing whether they are employees or self-employed).

And now, with the perfect safe Food Truck, you can start your business and travel through the cities feeding people. The New Business Model: Food Truck

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