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Guide To Select Digital Event Technology

How To Choose The Best Technological Resources To Obtain The Results You Want? 

Guide To Select Digital Event Technology: Let’s try to give some essential tips and brushstrokes in this article! First of all, we have to know what we mean when talking about technology at an event. 

We want to refer to all the tools and digital elements that help us create, execute and produce a digital event. As examples, we can name event management software, engagement tools, virtual platforms, streaming services or mobile applications for events. 

Because It Is Essential?

In response to the current health situation, and we have been immersed since 2020, event technology has evolved at speed never seen before. This development has had a very positive impact on the events held in recent months. Guide To Select Digital Event Technology Most event organizers admit that using this new technology will positively affect the event.

Before significant advances in this field, everything was reduced to a manual process. The contact lists had to be managed one by one, and everything was very limited to paper and email. Before the advent of new technologies, organizers could only plan and execute face-to-face events.

Today, we have many tools that facilitate organization, modify and expand the experience for both organizers and attendees. Beyond the face-to-face, we find ourselves with a digital and, of course, hybrid scenario. 

Each technological tool will help the organizer in each of the phases of the event’s life cycle: building websites, registration platforms, promotion through email, etc. 

Of course, it also has benefits for the user or assistant experience. By using platforms for engagement and networking, attendees can be connected very quickly. Of course, with the applications, users will be able to navigate through all the event’s features and access tools such as live chats, live streams, etc.…

How To Choose The Right Technology?

Now we are going to consider the most critical parameters.

Objectives Of The Event:

To know what technological element you will need, you must understand the objectives precisely. Guide To Select Digital Event Technology Why are you organizing this event? What do you want to get?. Aligned with these objectives, you will have to determine some Key Performance Indicators that help you measure success. 

Of course, when determining your goals, it is essential to do so using the SMART philosophy: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. 

What Type Of Event Is Ideal For Your Brand, Organization, Product Etc.?

To choose the best technology, you will have to know the type of event you will carry out (there are many and of course more and more creative ones).

Virtual Summits

Virtual conferences

Exhibitions and Fairs

Cultural events


Products releases


Hybrid events

etc. etc. etc …

Considerations When Evaluating Event Technology

Always aligned with the objectives, there are technical elements that an organizer cannot stop using and others that will be beneficial for secondary purposes. 

Focus On Innovation

Innovative is more critical than ever in the industry’s process of mutating to hybrid. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you have to find the best new technology providers specific to your event. 

How do you know if the providers are the best for you? It is essential to know the people behind it. Do a digital “gossip” exercise and study their social networks, Linked in profile and website. Ask the company how it is approaching the hybrid events that will explode. Please look at past and current events where they have worked to see how innovative they are. 

Preparation For The Hybrid

Hybrid events are starting to emerge this year. One of the main challenges will be designing the experience for the physician assistants and those in their homes and ensuring that this experience is personalized. The exciting thing is looking for an app that provides a complete and 360º experience for both customers who come physically and those who do it through the screen, all in one place.

Ease Of Use

The technological elements to be used must be accessible for both organizers and attendees. If everyone finds it easy, ROI will pay off. 

Do not forget to ask the supplier of this product for a demo or several days of free use to ensure that it is satisfactory for your event and the objectives you want to achieve. 

Impeccable Assistant Experience 

Your brand must be associated with the experience you offer and reflect this value well for your attendees. This will be even more important in hybrid events. It is essential to ask yourself questions: does registration require the website visitor to leave the website to go to another website? Can both the plan and the homepage be tailor-made for the event? Does the platform have an app? etc.


It is essential to choose technological solutions that offer precise data on the complete trajectory of the users: from the moment they find out about the event to the registration/purchase and their loyalty, and that is as personalized as possible (since we must have a lot of data from potential customers). This technological solution should also not ideally help measure our objectives through the intelligently selected KPIs. 

Let It Be The Image Of The Brand.

In choosing the best tool, this must be the brand’s image. It must be customizable to add the look & feel, logo, photos, videos of your organization, etc. 


Platforms should give us confidence and not leave us stranded in the most critical moments. Guide To Select Digital Event Technology If the web or the live stream goes down, we will lose attendees and, therefore, profits, which can mean bad press. We always have to ask for references and read the comments of other clients and users. 

Customer And Assistant Support

As well as confidence in the product, an organizer must have assistance from the company that provides the technological platform to offer us support in case of any eventuality. We can solve them as soon as possible so that they do not mean great harm to us.

On the other hand, having an account executive who always offers guidance through the entire process to help us achieve our goals is essential.

Here is a good page where you can find a multitude of event management software and user comments and notes to compare and select the one that best suits you

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