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How Do I Create A Workflow?

How Do I Create A Workflow? It can be considered as almost the last tasks in this chain. Before you start creating it, you must first go through the preparatory steps:

  •  Get an overview of the processes established in the company. If there is not yet an overview of the individual processes, you must first define and outline them.
  • After that, you will deal with business process modelling. In this process, you determine who has to do what in the process and when.
  • Based on this, you can start with workflow modelling. With this, you determine which systems can technically support the respective business process. In this step, you break the process down into the smallest possible steps until you can technically automate them. How Do I Create A Workflow?
  • As a result, you get a workflow that you need to regularly review and adjust.

How To Visualize A Workflow?

Visualizing the flow is essential to continue working with it. To do this, you typically use project management software or tools, such as Event Driven Process Chain (EPK), Unified Modelling Language (UML), Swim lanes, flowcharts, or many other methods.

Conclusion: Is A Workflow Worth All The Effort?

As simple as the term may seem at first glance, there is a lot of work behind a workflow. At this point, How Do I Create A Workflow? the question often arises as to whether it is worth all the effort in the first place. 

Thanks to automation, workflows take over a large part of the coordination and communication work. They reduce errors, create efficient processes and increase profitability. Workflows can relieve your employees and give them the opportunity to focus on their real task. How Do I Create A Workflow?

In addition, it increases transparency: the status of a process is immediately apparent and you can see who is currently working on a task and why another task may not have started yet.

 Dependencies become apparent. Also, with a well-established flow, you can usually react quickly to changes.

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