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Infographic: Cybersecurity Tips

Infographic: Cybersecurity Tips: These days when there is a notable increase in the number of people who telecommute in our country, the authorities warn of the rise in cyberattacks and the importance of generating safe cyber habits.

Different Forms Of Cyber Attacks

These cyber-attacks can take many different forms, for example:

  • Phishing topics related to the coronavirus can involve different types of attacks: malicious emails or messages with links to connect to fraudulent spaces.
  • Malicious apps and sites that supposedly provide information about the crisis.
  • Identity theft (phone calls, WhatsApp messages, emails) soliciting unusual transactions, mainly financial and claiming to be urgent.

Basic Cybersecurity Tips

To best protect everyone’s interests, it is essential that we fully comply with basic security standards: Infographic: Cybersecurity Tips

Use Strong Passwords

  • Try to have at least eight characters, including uppercase, numbers, and special characters ($,%,&…). Infographic: Cybersecurity Tips
  • Don’t reuse corporate passwords for personal accounts.
  • Passwords are unique and non-transferable. Please do not share them with anyone.

Use Of Non-corporate Computers

  • Do not handle corporate information on publicly accessible computers.
  • If you access corporate email or any other application, do not download files to the computer. Infographic: Cybersecurity Tips

Protect Your Workplace

  • Don’t leave confidential information out in the open.
  • Block the session when you leave your job.
  • Use your work computer for business purposes only.

When Suspicious, Do Not Click.

  • Look at the sender of the emails and delete all suspicious mail. Infographic: Cybersecurity Tips
  • Beware of suspicious email attachments. Do not open or download them.

Protect Information

  • Make backup copies of sensitive information that is only stored on your devices.
  • Use the appropriate mechanisms for the destruction of confidential information.

Beware Of Removable Devices.

  • Try not to transport sensitive information on removable devices.
  • Do not connect untrusted USB devices to your computer.

Browse Safely

  • Avoid accessing unreliable web pages. Infographic: Cybersecurity Tips
  • Avoid accessing websites by clicking on links that arrive by mail.

Be Careful With The Public.

  • Wi-Fi networks Do not handle sensitive information on public Wi-Fi networks.

Do Not Install Programs Without Authorization.

  • Check and ask for authorization before installing programs on your computer.

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