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Marketing automation was created to provide a solution to the need for companies to carry out their marketing processes in an agile and efficient manner to achieve their objectives in less time.

Marketing automation was created to provide a solution to the need for companies to carry out their marketing processes in an agile and efficient manner to achieve their objectives in less time.

In addition, according to Forrester, all the companies that have used a tool to carry out marketing automation managed to increase their sales by 10%.

Without a doubt, the relevance that marketing automation has acquired in the different marketing strategies of companies and the benefits that its correct use brings is demonstrated through these data.

Marketing Automation: Automatic Customer Management 

Marketing automation is more than a methodology that is applied through some software to automate the processes of a previously defined marketing strategy. Through it, companies can carry out functions that would naturally be very difficult to execute, achieving a higher rate of efficiency, better results, and greater control and monitoring of them. At present, the importance for businesses to establish personalized direct links with all their clients has been more than demonstrated. For a small company with a small structure, it is straightforward to carry out this process manually.

  •  Classification of users depending on their behavior.
  •  Sending content given the fulfillment of specific classification criteria.
  • Create automatic responses for when new registrations occur on your business website.
  • Sending notifications when content is published or downloaded. 

What Benefits Does Marketing Automation Offer Your Business?

Used correctly, marketing automation offers excellent results for all companies. With its correct execution, it is possible to establish a more personalized contact with your clients and more efficient time management.

  • Greater effectiveness in obtaining leads: contacting potential clients of your business direct can be time-consuming and, in most cases, a loss of time.A marketing automation tool can help you establish direct contact with all your customers from the first time they visit your company’s website.
  • Efficient time management: by automating your company’s marketing processes, you can create several campaigns or messages and schedule their delivery for another date and time where you can achieve higher levels of interaction with customers.
  • Segment your company’s target audience: through marketing automation, you can automatically segment your company’s contact database. This will allow you to filter your customers depending on their preferences and needs and create segments that will depend on the stage of the sales cycle in which they are located.
  • Optimum use of resources: Through marketing automation, you will reduce the personnel necessary to collect information and create and distribute messages to your company’s contacts. This will allow you to use your business resources better and more efficiently manage your budget.
  • Monitor each action: With a tool to carry out , you can establish a follow-up and monitoring of all the activities that are carried out for a particular segment of the lead database of your company. This will allow you to obtain valuable information you can use later to carry out future campaigns.
  • Consolidate the brand image of your company in various channels: with , your company will have the opportunity to carry out campaigns on different marketing channels: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and email, among others. Make your company’s customers feel more identified with the services or products.

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