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Online Movies: Main Options For Watching Movies At Home

Online Movies: Main Options For Watching Movies At Home: There are a large number of companies that have a massive catalog of online movies and series of excellent quality. If you are looking to hire one, in this article, we will tell you which are the most popular and some that, although they are not as well known, offer excellent movies and series (for example, adolescent series have always been well received) that you cannot miss.

List Of Platforms To Watch Movies Online

Although some of these platforms capture the vast majority of internet users, there are plenty of streaming platforms where you can watch many movies, both from large producers and some independent ones. Likewise, these platforms also have series and documentaries you cannot stop watching.

Netflix Is Considered By Many As The Best Platform To Watch Movies Online

Netflix began as a project rejected by the giant Blockbuster to be one of the largest streaming platforms and pioneering companies in this type of service. It has more than 3,000 movies and 1,569 series that you can watch by paying a monthly fee.

Although it has been harshly criticized for having a lot of content with very little quality in some cases, this platform has been reducing its catalog to offer better quality. Some of the most popular Netflix series are La Casa de Papel, Sky Rojo, and Los Bridgertons.

Amazon Prime Video

If you like home theater, Amazon has an excellent catalog where you can watch productions as popular as HBO and Netflix. For this reason, it is considered one of the best streaming services today. You can access all its content and various advantages of Amazon’s online store by paying a single annual subscription.

Apple TV

The Apple company has a streaming service to watch excellent movies online. His bet, and what sets him apart from his competitors, is exclusive content, which you can only see on the platform. Some of the films they have in their catalog are Amazing Stories (by Steven Spielberg), Defending Jacob (starring Chris Evans), and Dr. Brain (starring South Korean Lee Sun-Kyun).


HBO Max is one of the most popular streaming platforms today. It stands out, especially for some of its series, valued among the most popular of all time, such as Game of Thrones or Blood Brothers. This platform belongs to Warner and is one of Disney’s direct competitors.

This platform can offer you movies on the billboard less quickly than its competitors since they are usually available 45 days after the premiere.


If you want to watch excellent quality movies at home, Disney+ is also another great option. The entertainment giant offers incredible content, from big films like Marvel or Star Wars to many series belonging to their most profitable franchises.

All this without having its great classics, National Geographic documentaries, and a lot of content for adults and children that will give you hours and hours of fun. The least positive thing is that its subscription is higher compared to that of others.

Pluto TV, Where You Can Enjoy Free Online Movies

This is a free home theater movie-watching platform belonging to Paramount Global. In it, you can enjoy a comprehensive catalog of movies and series at no cost and pay for a subscription to access all the exclusive content.

It has about 15 million users and is one of the most promising companies in the streaming war.

Rakuten TV

This platform offers you a service similar to that of Pluto TV. You can access a comprehensive catalog with entirely free content, and you can also buy and rent movies through its web platform.


This service is committed to independent cinema, where you can find all kinds of films that have participated in various film festivals, such as Cannes. On this platform, you can buy movies and rent.

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