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The Biggest Mistakes Of Companies On Social Networks

Buying fans

Honest collection of fans on the social networks is similar to the growth of the company. It takes a long time and is strenuous. Many companies therefore make a shortcut and buy a site with thousands of fans, or pay the Internet company to chase fans. This method is only suitable for bragging about the number of fans and wasting money. Users will start bouncing soon after the site is transformed into a brand, and you can immediately forget that it turns into a customer.

Too marketable content

Nobody wants to read ads on the social network. This is the first assumption to be made. Therefore, nothing needs to be promoted. Once you start selling on the social network, you’re done with the fans. Forget about sales. Only the story is sold on social networks.

Small target group segmentation

It’s useless to pay for advertising if you don’t have a specific audience. For example, it is useless for a cafe in a regional town in central Slovakia to advertise its content to fans in the East, or to everyone in general. Focus on the surroundings, use the exact age categorization. You don’t have to focus on others. If people are satisfied, sharing and free will get advertising to those who may just travel around you and stop. References on social networks sell more than the most expensive contributions paid. Engage the target audience and they will do the rest of the work for you by sharing.

You do not motivate to share

In a brick-and-mortar store, café, or any place, you have the opportunity to give clients a discount for sharing references on social networks. Provide a photo tagging competition on image social networks. If you do business online, implement the ability to rate and share on your site. On the social network, it is true that no advertisement will take more than a good recommendation from a friend. Never forget that.

Post scheduling

Chaotic addition of posts usually leads to their non-addition. Schedule your posts a week, two or a month in advance. Some networks even allow you to set up a post at a specific time. With a precise approach, you will know when you share what, for whom and you will become responsible.

Not using playful content

Statistics show that statuses with emoticons have 20-50% higher content of shares and likes than posts without them. With smileys you won’t be enough anymore, feel free to use the whole constellation of icons that are available.

Bad response

Many companies forget that more and more customers, including potential customers, expect fast and adequate feedback from companies. Even more drastic is the necessary response if you comment directly on the social network profile. In this case, a comment, complaint, or question is displayed to a full range of customers. Ignoring stimuli means playing.

Deleting negative posts

Paradoxically, even negative contributions can benefit companies. The ability to admit a mistake, provide a discount, make a correction is a standard and targeted procedure. Everyone can make a mistake, it is important to learn from it. This should be a strategy of negative references on social networks. The problem is deleting negative posts. Clients increasingly make screen screens with a negative contribution and, after deleting it, can quickly spread it on the Internet. The company’s reputation will suffer greatly.

Lots of interesting content

It is true that the image multiplies the engagement of people and generates up to 53% more likes. There is also a current trend of posting on social media. It is ideal to supplement these elements with creative funny and short texts. From time to time, don’t forget the so-called endless contributions. They are the ones who achieve the same high readability. It is not bad to publish an essay, blog or new study directly on the social network. Its algorithm responds to an important message and displays the post more intensely. But not every day. All you have to do is contact your social network once or twice a month with such a message.

Resignation to quantity

If we have talked about quality so far, we need to realize that without quantity, it does not have much impact. The principle of social networking is to build a relationship. Even in reality, however, you will not build a relationship with anyone if he sends you one short message once a week or a month. Hannah Meuser, a social marketing specialist, advises incorporating at least four social media news per week into the corporate portfolio, with the ideal frequency every day, this news.

Absence of own analyzes

Whatever good advice, each company has its own specifics. The narrower your target audience, the more customers you can have, but the work will need to be consistent and personal. Therefore, evaluate your own successes every week and adjust the strategies for the next months accordingly. There is simply no universal recipe for social networking. Their world changes from minute to minute, but it is always true that only a strong tribe breeds orders. Otherwise, the social network will be another application for you that takes time and money without a relevant profit.

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