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The Eight Best Security Apps To Protect Your Mobile

The Eight Best Security Apps To Protect Your Mobile: Cybercriminals focus their efforts on the devices we use the most in our daily lives: the mobile phone. What are the most beneficial ways to save our personal information from external attacks? There are some security apps that you are interested in knowing to keep your device safe. With them, preventing others from taking advantage of security gaps in the operating system is possible. They are also ideal for enhancing privacy. Do you want to meet them?

In this article, we will talk about the best security apps you can install on your mobile, both to avoid attacks by cybercriminals and to protect your data better. We also provide practical tips to prevent multiple common security threats. Let’s start!

The Best Security Apps To Remove Viruses And Improve Privacy

The security apps below are available in major online stores like Google Play. We recommend constantly downloading the apps to protect your mobile from reliable repositories. Avoid getting software through suspicious Internet pages.

No Root Firewall, One Of The Best-Rated Security Apps

No Root Firewall is a security application that acts as a firewall to prevent specific software from accessing the Internet. Its primary function is selectively blocking connections and controlling spyware and malware from transmitting personal information to cybercriminals. It is an application that does not need root approvals and is public for free in the application store.


Orbot is a free proxy application that aims to help you use your mobile more securely. It uses Tor encryption to make Internet traffic anonymous and bounces it through a network of computers in different parts of the world. This software makes it easier to protect yourself from security threats and enhance security.

LastPass, A Password Security App

LastPass is a password escrow service. Thanks to its manager, you will never forget a single password again and always keep your keys safe—an excellent way to secure one of the essential elements: passwords.

Secure Call

Secure Call ‘s primary mission is to encrypt the voice calls you make with your phone. It is a service that does not require you to provide personal data, which favors total anonymity. With each call, this software generates a new encryption key, making it difficult for outside attackers to apply eavesdropping techniques.


With Signal, what you will be achieving is significantly increasing your privacy in communications. It distinguishes itself by offering solid end-to-end encryption. It indeed works similarly to WhatsApp, allowing you to send multimedia content. However, behind this platform is a non-profit organization that does not have commercial purposes. Therefore, besides being a secure way to communicate, the software also spies less on users.

Firefox Focus

Anonymous Internet browsing is easier to achieve thanks to Firefox Focus. The makers of the famous web browser, Firefox, reach this privacy-focused variant. It does not store cookies, always has an incognito mode, and blocks trackers. Likewise, it provides an experience free of intrusive and annoying ads.

The Bouncer Is One Of The Security Apps That You May Not Have Known About

Have you granted permission to an application and have not used it again? That’s what Bouncer is after. This permissions manager will help you prevent specific programs from accessing sensitive device resources, such as the microphone or the camera. Oh, and if there is an application that is draining the battery quickly, it will take care of detecting this behavior and notify the user. Undoubtedly, one of the most exciting security apps on this list.


We ended this list by discussing one of the classic antivirus: Avast. This reputed software also has a mobile version available from significant software stores. The application is qualified to scan the phone for viruses and additional malware. Of course, it helps the user remove them, improving the integrity of their data and mobile device. It even provides secure Internet browsing tools.

Tips To Avoid Security Breaches In Mobile Phones

Security threats are a constant in our day to day. For this reason, these recommendations will be valuable to increase your mobile device’s protection. Combining them with the security apps we mentioned is a good idea if you want to protect your most important information.

  • Beware of social engineering. The techniques used by cybercriminals are very varied. Sometimes they don’t even use spyware or malware. On the contrary, they use deception so that the user, sometimes voluntarily, gives up passwords and other data of interest. Distrusting specific requests, especially from unknown people, is the first step to avoiding this trap.
  • Uninstall everything you don’t need. When you install a malicious application on your mobile phone, it is often enough to delete it to avoid the danger. The most advisable thing is to eliminate all that software that no longer serves you instead of keeping it on your mobile phone.
  • Be alert to what you download from the Internet. Get files only from trusted sources, especially if they are applications.
  • Adopt good practices in terms of privacy. Register only on those platforms that are necessary for you. Avoid sending sensitive data through insecure channels, such as email.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the apps you install. We know it is difficult to read the contract of each software we install, but sometimes a glance at its privacy policy is enough to notice illegal practices.

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