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Why You Should Test Your Website On Mobile Devices

Why You Should Test Your Website On Mobile Devices? The use of mobile devices in the world is increasing. We read the news, buy products, order taxis, check our account statements, etc. In short, many actions are carried out through our cell phones. Is your website displayed correctly on mobile devices? If not, we are going to mention the following errors that you may be ignoring and that make your website poorly received by users, and it will also help you to improve your website design.

If a user opens your website on a mobile device and is not happy, it is for many reasons, such as: Website On Mobile Devices 

Bad Navigation

If we have a menu that looks very nice on the Desktop or desktop version, we often forget to test how it would look on a mobile device and ignore this critical detail. We must use a different and friendly view for each device: the more custom views we have, the better.

Poorly Structured Images

The principle of responsive design is that images automatically fit the device’s screen, but sometimes we don’t check if this happens. The user can see an image or many images of our products and services with a lot of height or width and not appreciate the image’s content nicely, and we accumulate many points against the user leaving our website as soon as possible. Website On Mobile Devices

Solid Colors

Suppose the user opens your website on his mobile, and there is a poor balance of colors. In that case, this user will not be able to concentrate on reading the content, thus distracting the view and concentration of a good article that we made, and we lose a sale or a critical follower. Website On Mobile Devices

Unintelligible Font Type For Reading

If we want users to understand what we are saying in an article, we should not use very gothic fonts or dynamic shapes that can make the content difficult to understand. For example, suppose you have a website with cooking recipes. In that case, if you use unknown sources to list the ingredients to prepare a particular dessert, the user will go to another website where the ingredients needed to prepare the dessert are clear.

One Or Several Elements Of My Website Are Not Adapting Correctly To The Device.

For example, suppose we have a used car store. In that case, the user opens a car to see the details of the car, when opening the model, image gallery of the car and in the part of Below is a table of essential characteristics that should be taken into consideration before buying a said car, but it turns out that this table of characteristics is not displayed correctly and stands out from the width of the screen, perhaps a user can choose to open your website on their PC desktop to see this table better. Website On Mobile Devices Still, if I am in a public place where I do not have access to the table, the user will choose to go to the competition and continue shopping on that website.

The Loading Of My Mobile Website Is Prolonged.

This point is essential and is why users go to the competition. The mobile version of your website should take a long time to load. At most, it should load between 3 to 6 seconds. When a user is determined to buy a product on your website, they need to access information quickly to make purchasing decisions or to request a quote.

A Lot of content, little of what I’m looking for

The current user is immersed in a more agile and fast world, sometimes he does not have time to read an entire article and find what he wants, so if we do not offer him what he is looking for at first sight, he will go to the web that yes has it. We can highlight with quotes, bold, etc., or cite the essential points within the article so that the user can quickly access the information that we believe is important and very useful.

Little Interaction With The Mobile Device

It may not be an essential point, but it is very considerable. If a user wants to share specific content from our website, on their social networks, for example, the user decides to share it on WhatsApp and our website. We do not have the icon to share content on WhatsApp, and this will see our website very outdated, little dynamic, and very limited to interacting with the applications of our mobile device. Website On Mobile Devices

Suppose the user decides to go to another website. In that case, it is basically due to these errors mentioned above, so let’s do the display tests well, improve the structure of our mobile website, and with this, we will improve the user experience.

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