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Types Of HR Exist In A Company.

Types of HR exist in a company. The human resources area in a company is very relevant and extensive. This means that there are many types of HR that you can dedicate yourself to. At Howcomtech, we explain the styles you can opt for if you decide to pursue your studies focused on the area of ​​Human Resources.

Types Of Human Resources That Exist

As you know, the Human Resources department tries to manage the company from within, that is, through the workers. It is responsible for finding, selecting and training workers and constantly monitoring them.

In other words, the HR area tries to increase employee productivity through different strategies. Types of HR exist in a company.

Managers And Directors

Managers and directors are the highest positions in the Human Resources department. They are responsible for developing the departments’ goals and ensuring they are met within the established time. This type of position has the most qualified professionals.

Recruitment And Selection

The company’s HR type is dedicated to recruiting and selecting personnel to fill available vacancies. Adapted interviews are carried out to find the perfect candidate to do it in the best possible way. Types of HR exist in a company.


Training and developing workers is essential for the proper functioning of the company. The people who occupy this position accompany the workers from the company’s incorporation until the end. In addition, they evaluate the employees and, if necessary, reinforce the training. They can also conduct orientation programs (among other activities).

Compensation & Benefits

The Human Resources department is also in charge of the workers’ salaries. Workers receive their monthly payments on time and correctly thanks to this company area. In addition, they also work for workers to obtain health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance and more. Types of HR exist in a company.

Risk Management

People who work in risk management try to anticipate possible risks and solve them if they do occur.

Health And Security

Health and safety professionals try to ensure that employees work in the legal conditions appropriate for the company. To do this, they offer risk prevention programs and try to guarantee labour compliance standards.

Labor Relations

Human Resources employees focus on labour relations and establish proper internal communication between employees and management positions. Thanks to this type of HR, employees are much more motivated, thus working with greater productivity.

HR, According To Hierarchical Position

Human Resources can also be understood as all the agents participating in an organization. If we know it this way, we can talk about the different types of workers in an organization chart and form the company from the bottom up.


The workers provide a service to the company that, usually, is based on manipulating and creating materials. This job position does not require a university degree or any specific study. Workers in this group can be referred to as self-employed or dependent. They can offer their services to more than one company if they are self-employed. On the contrary, they will offer their services exclusively to one organization if they are dependent. It is important to note that not all companies have this type of service.

Office workers

As its name indicates, the people included in this group work in an office and carried out the Types of HR exist in a company.

tasks that their superiors have entrusted them. There are many types of offices focused on different areas. This means that in most of them, some qualification is required to be able to work in them.


Technicians are those employees who, although they do not have a specific title, have excellent knowledge about an area.


Supervisors monitor the correct functioning of the company, as well as supervise that everyone is performing the corresponding tasks. They also direct employees and coordinate work teams to increase company productivity.

Executives And Directors

As we have already mentioned, the executives and directors have the most incredible power in the department. They are responsible for making decisions at a strategic level, allocating resources, allocating means and taking action.

Characteristics Of The HR Department

Although each HR position is different from the other, there are some qualities that everyone must meet and respect:

1. Knowledge

To work in the HR department, it is essential to know how to manage work teams. To learn them, you can take some of the courses that we teach at EAE.

2. Communication

Human Resources personnel must have highly developed communication skills since they will be the ones who treat and speak with workers in a friendly but at the same time professional manner. Types of HR exist in a company.

3. Discipline

Discipline is essential in many jobs. However, it could be said that it is much more critical in this area due to the large number of tasks to be performed. And it is that in HR, it is essential to know how to organize time.

4. Confidentiality

HR employees receive information from all workers. It is essential to maintain confidentiality so that employees feel safe and secure in the company. In addition, it will be much easier for them to express their opinion honestly if they know that HR professionals will not tell other employees.

5. Objective

Work accidents are common. However, the HR department must remain calm and not focus on the company’s objective. Types of HR exist in a company.

6. Mentoring

Human Resources professionals have to accompany workers at all times. In other words, they have to adopt the role of mentors to keep employees updated and, in turn, ensure that they have the necessary skills to perform their tasks.

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