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When To Buy Cryptocurrencies?

When To Buy Cryptocurrencies? You need to know only two secrets to invest in crypto, and we will share them with you below.

If you have ever asked yourself, “When should I buy? “We will show you how simple it is.

The First Trick Is To Buy With Support.

Imagine an island. Let’s call her Ethel. One hundred people live in it. The island is full of poisonous snakes, and nobody walks on foot. Everybody is using their cars for what they need gas for. When To Buy Cryptocurrencies

Harold is the only one who can bring it to the island and sell it for $5 a litre. This means that he makes an offer and the islanders come with the demand.

But you can only bring a limited amount of gasoline, so the demand is more significant than what you can offer, so the gas station always has a queue. Harold takes advantage of this and increases the price to $7 per litre.

Now only 90 islanders are willing to buy gasoline at this price. The other 10 find another way to get around the island. When To Buy Cryptocurrencies?

Harold is now selling to only 90 people instead of 100, so the lower demand means he has more gas left. To sell everything, lower the price to $6.

Everyone is happy with this new change and decides to repurchase gasoline.

This is how a support zone is formed around the island’s $6 price of gasoline.

Let’s Put This Into Crypto.

In January 2021, after a rapid price increase, the price of Bitcoin managed to create a support area at $29,000, spending four weeks around that value.

After another rally, King of Crypto managed to raise its support level to $44,000.

Let’s go back to the island where Harold raises the price again, this time to $8 per litre. But only 50% of the islanders are willing to buy at this price.

Since he now has a lot of gas in stock and no room to store it, Harold is desperate and progressively lowers the price until it is back to $6. This is precisely what testing the support area means. When To Buy Cryptocurrencies?

This is what happened to Bitcoin in the summer of 2021. It retested the $29,000 support formed in January, only to grow to a new all-time high of $69,000 in November.

Now you know when to buy.

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