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5G Technology, Advantages, And Disadvantages

5G Technology, Advantages, And Disadvantages: In recent years we have continually heard about 5G technology, and technological innovations are advancing at a dizzying pace.

If we go back a few years, we realize the speed of advances in ICT matters.

Mobile phones have improved surprisingly, technologies such as GSM that allowed mobile phones to send 10 SMS per minute are long gone, which may seem funny to us now. 

A few years ago, there was a revolution, and since then, we have gone through different types of networks, up to 3G and 4G.

We are already immersed in 5G technology, which is supposed to be the culmination of digital transformation today.

What Is 5G?

When we talk about 5G, we refer to the data transmission speed as a thousand times greater than what we know. All this implies that when you browse the internet or make phone calls, you do so at a higher speed and that many more devices can be connected simultaneously.

Although most of the focus is on how it will transform consumer behavior, for example, you can download a movie in 5 minutes.

At the business level, companies will be able to have faster wireless connectivity without having to make prominent outlays.

5th Generation technology can make the “IoT” faster and more reliable.

5G could usher in a new era of “smart cities” in which traffic signals, power grids, and emergency services are linked to reducing incidents.

Even cars, thermostats, sensors, and other technologies may one day be connected with 5G.


  • Network speed: an excellent rate will be reached, between 15 and 20 gigabytes per second.
  • Greater security: we will receive warnings in real time of any threat, and it will be easier to control access to the network.
  • Lower latency: the goal of doing everything immediately will be easier to achieve.
  • Connectivity of multiple devices: without the connection being altered
  • Favors the automation of processes: allowing rationalization of each employee’s work day without wasting time.
  • Low energy consumption: it is estimated that it will drop by around 90%
  • Higher bandwidth will allow us not only to receive the information but also to send it correctly.


  • Botnet attacks take control of a network of connected devices to carry out a massive attack.
  • Tracking the location and the interception of calls will be more accessible even for those with only a piece of basic knowledge.
  • Difficult implementation since more transmitters are needed to cover the same network as with 4G.
  • The price, as already happened with 4G, in the beginning, these technologies were more expensive to implement, but they will become more affordable as time goes by.
  • Sustainability may increase world electricity consumption by between 5% and 9%, which also means a significant increase in pollution.

As with all technological advances over time, you will know their benefits and drawbacks once they become part of our daily lives and are widely implemented.

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