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How To Do Successful Email Marketing At Christmas

How To Do Successful Email Marketing At Christmas: As unbelievable as it may seem, the year is closing, and marketers are already thinking about their Christmas strategies. While customers shop for gifts and the Christmas tree, all the marketing teams are already working on their email campaigns for the holiday season.

Email is still one of the most important communication channels, but the competition for your reader’s attention is getting stronger, especially during the holiday season. Some data suggest that in recent years there has been significant growth in customer interactions with companies through emails.

Spend enough time brainstorming, strategizing, and setting goals starting today to be well-prepared for busy days like Black Friday. Next, we want to share some tips to get you going. First of all, let’s see how to plan your email marketing strategy for Christmas:

Analyze And Segment Your Contact List

The first step for a tripling sales strategy is to segment your contact base properly. Whether you have an e-commerce portal or your company is B2B, you must refine your lists and analyze a way to group the people who are more likely to buy from you during Christmas.

For example, if your value offer is attractive enough, those who have already purchased one of your products or services will be up to 70% more likely to buy from you again. Analyzing the conversion rates of previous months and the response to other promotions that you have launched throughout the year will also help you identify the purchase triggers for your contact list.

2. Prepare An Email Campaign With A Specific Objective

Focus your seasonal email management on a single objective: to sell. For this, make sure you know what your potential client needs; To determine it, you must analyze the purchase histories of your databases. Once you know what product, offer, or promotion you will present during the season, be sure to create a story, giving your contacts the necessary context for your email campaign to be effective.

If you create a sense of urgency with your emails, you will see how the response from your contacts will exceed your expectations.

3. Reinforce Your Email Campaign With Keywords, Content, And Social Networks

When creating your campaign, remember the keywords. These key concepts will make your message clear and remain in your customers’ memory. 

Take the opportunity not only to sell to your current contacts but to attract new contacts and achieve new sales. Along with your email campaign, prepare blog posts, CTAs, and a landing page that contains your offer, and optimize all of this content for keywords that you know your audience uses when thinking about holiday shopping.

Once you have these elements, promote your articles and landing pages on your social networks. Create a beautiful story that generates a sense of urgency and accompany it with an appropriate graphic on social networks. You will undoubtedly attract more prospects, and with your email campaign, you will close the sales.

4. Create Coupons Or Christmas Promotions

Undoubtedly one of the elements that most convince buyers during the Christmas season is promotions and offers. Therefore, an excellent strategy is to create coupons or discount codes that attract buyers. Give them a limited redemption time, and you can motivate your prospects to decide to buy. Create specific promotions for your existing contacts and show them that their loyalty to your brand has rewards.

This point is very useful for both retail companies and B2B companies. So take advantage of the opportunity to close more sales at the end of the year. Devise an offer according to your business, and you will undoubtedly see the result.

5. Don’t Forget The Data

The only way to improve your marketing efforts, even around the holidays, is to monitor and evaluate your performance. Take advantage of the data that is available through resources like marketing automation software and monitor the following important metrics for your holiday campaigns:

  • Unique open rates
  • Unique clickthrough rates
  • transaction fees
  • email revenue
  • average order value

While this data should be tracked year-round, it’s especially important for holiday forecasts as you tweak and build your campaigns yearly. Monitoring these metrics will allow you to assess what is working well and tell you what to change next year.

It doesn’t matter if your company is big or small. Email can help you increase your sales during the end-of-the-year festivities. So be sure to take these points into account when planning your strategy. What else do you plan to do in your company to seize opportunities at Christmas?

Three Tips For Successful Christmas Email Marketing

1. Personalize Your Emails

Only some of your clients are the same. So try segmenting emails based on user interactions or behaviors to create a truly personalized experience. This way, customers will feel that you understand their tastes and preferences, and their affinity for your brand will grow, increasing the chances that they will become loyal and repeat customers.

2. Offer Coupons Along With Welcome Emails

Are you adding new members to your database? Send them a small gift with your welcome email. After all, welcome email campaigns generate  2.5 times higher transaction rates than others.

3. Send Coupons To Current Customers

Your customers expect exclusive offers and other ways to save money while investing in your business. According to a  Wonderful Media survey, 82% of Black Friday shoppers wanted to receive email updates on Black Friday deals.

Send your subscribers coupons and offers, even for a small amount. According to some research, coupons that offer $10 or 20% off get a higher clickthrough rate than other promotional emails. 

4. Focus On The Quality Of Your Contacts

There is always a lot of pressure in business to improve performance, so you should significantly increase the size of your database to reach as many customers and prospects as possible. Although buying lists can be tempting, they are often of dubious quality. Limit yourself to using email addresses you get through opt-in methods for your holiday campaigns.

5. Avoid Ending Up In The Spam Tray

The increased volume of messages sent during the holiday season could affect the sender’s reputation. Just as your credit score affects your ability to receive loans, your sender reputation with an Internet Service Provider can affect your ability to reach a subscriber’s inbox. To resolve these common email issues magnified during this time of year, confirm that the addresses on your list are valid before sending out a major holiday campaign.

6. Start Your Strategy Early

Although the strongest sales of the year usually occur in the last couple of months, communicate your offers and generate expectations in your contract before the end.

If you announce your events months in advance and make periodic reminders, you will likely stay present among your audience. For example, you can run an end-of-season sale, launch pre-Christmas sales, or participate in Black Friday.

Now that you know how to prepare your campaigns and how to optimize them for greater success let’s see when is the best time to carry them out.

What Is The Best Time To Send Emails During Christmas And Holidays?

Every year from November to January, email behavior and strategies become less effective. In reality, there is no ideal date at Christmas or during the holidays to execute your email marketing campaigns since they highly depend on the product or service you offer, the offer, and the objective of your campaign, among other aspects.

Consider Sending Emails At Noon

The best time to send emails is between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM. This is because, in this period, it is much easier for your message to reach as consumers open their inboxes in the morning or while eating, increasing the probability that they will read you immediately.

Offer your customers valuable and seasonally appropriate content

Provide your audience with useful, relevant, and personalized content to keep you the first choice of your customers during the holiday season. Consider incorporating Christmas themes into your posts to improve engagement (as we did in this post).

Use Your Email Marketing Software To Create Christmas Campaigns

Towards the end of the year, the most likely thing is that the workload in your company will increase considerably. For this reason, we recommend you automate processes using software tools specifically designed to create, manage and evaluate your email marketing campaigns.

Take advantage of this season to spread the Christmas mood and make your customers want to start the new year with you.

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