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8 Steps To a Successful Video Marketing Campaign

Video marketing is one of the most powerful weapons a marketer can use for their campaigns. This is also confirmed by the statistics of the Hub spot, which found that 93% of marketers consider video to be an important part of any marketing strategy.

However, not every video marketing strategy ends in success, so I decided to write you eight steps to help you get the most out of your video campaigns.

Set goals for your video marketing strategy

Choose the right strategy for your video marketing. You should decide at the outset what the purpose of your video will be and move on accordingly. Adapt your video to the STDC marketing framework.

See phase – If you need to launch a new product, your video should be fast, action-packed and should show the problem and its solution easily and interestingly.
Think phase – The video should show how your company has advantages over the competition and what benefits flow from when a customer buys from you.
Phase To – Your video should trigger action on the customer, arouse emotion, and encourage a potential customer to purchase your products. In the video, show that you have discounts or a limited number of products in stock.
Care phase – Take care of your existing customers through a video. Introduce them to your loyalty program or show them how much you value them.

In short, adapt video marketing to what you want to achieve. You can find more about the STDC model here .

Define the target group you want to reach

You already know what phase you will be targeting in the STDC model. Now you should think about what audience you would like to reach. If you target your audience badly or are not specific enough, your video may not succeed.

So how do you know who your target audience is ? The best strategy is to create a so-called persona , a typical customer who would like to use your services or buy your products.

Persona is actually a detailed portrait of your customer . So you know how old he is, what his interests, preferences and so on. If your company has not yet created such a person, now is the time.

So start with a thorough survey and identify the exact characteristics of your person. For example, browse your contact list or find out which posts on social networks are the most popular and who follows them. Ask your sales department who most often buys your products.

Your persona’s description should include the following information: persona’s name, demographics, interests and hobbies, challenges your persona faces, or information about why that persona should be interested in your products or services.

You can also create a person using Facebook and depending on what you can target. Find out more here .

Yes, you can have more person, it’s entirely up to you. To save you time, we’ve put together simple questions for you to ask to make sure who your target audience is. After answering these simple questions, you’ll know for sure who to target with your video marketing .

Who is your product or service for?
What is the purpose of your video?
What channels does your target group use the most?

Choose the right promotion channels

Now you can say for sure who your target group is . The next step to a successful video marketing campaign is to know which channels your target audience uses the most. These can be, for example, various social networks such as Youtube, Instagram or Facebook. Furthermore, e-mails, forums, discussions, television and billboards.

In order to choose the right channels to promote your video, you need to know the age of your audience. Age is a very important indicator according to which, for example, the preferred social network is determined . For example, the older age group uses Facebook much more often than the millennials or younger groups in which Instagram or Tik Tok leads.

But age is not the only indicator . You should also know where your target group spends time, what they are interested in, what social class they come from. From all this, you can estimate what social networks and channels your target group is visiting and what content they might be interested in.

Choose a video type

You’ve already figured out the purpose of your video, who the target audience you want to reach is, and you also have a story chart in your head. The next step awaits you – choosing the type of video. Introducing different types of videos . In the list, you will definitely choose the right one for you.

Product video

This type of video is very common. The basis is a product presentation and a demonstration of how it works. With this type of video, you will be able to show your products or services to potential customers in an interesting and attractive way. It is a great addition to the traditional product description and can also be filmed on a mobile phone. It just takes a little creativity and skill. Such a video belongs to the SEE or THINK phase.


In the video, your customers rate specific products or services. In general, the more detailed Testimonial is, the more trustworthy it is , so don’t be afraid to show your satisfied customers to help you get new ones. We can classify this type of video in the THINK or DO phase.

Video tutorial

Provide your customers with various instructions to show how your product can make their lives easier. Such a video can also be shot using commonly available techniques. The video tutorial belongs to the THINK or CARE category and you will definitely not regret it when you embark on it.

Fun video

Try creating a video that could have viral potential. Your regular customers will have fun and you will gain popularity and new customers. We could include an entertaining video in the STDC phase of SEE.

Advertising video

Advertising is the most common type of video. It’s a video that quickly grabs attention and its job is to attract customers. Therefore, the ads often contain only the most important information that a potential customer might need. However, the ad video should be memorable first and foremost so that viewers don’t just forget it.

Documentary video

Give your customers the story of your brand or its value in a short document. The video can feature the central figures of your company, satisfied customers or employees. The document is in the THINK phase.

Lifestyle love video

Such a video shows customers how your products or services fit into their lifestyle. For example, when you offer products for the younger generation, your video should follow trends that apply to your chosen audience. Lifestyle video fits perfectly into the SEE phase.

Set a budget for video production and promotion

You’ve wondered what the video would look like, who it would target, and what it would upload. It is now very important that you set a realistic budget for your video marketing and promotion. Without a clear budget, everything would be very difficult.

First, think about how much money you want to put into video marketing and discuss your options with an advertising agency. It can then offer you specific services that it is able to perform on your budget.

Everything depends on your financial possibilities . Videos can be shot cheaper , but also very expensive. If you would like Branňo Deák in your video, for example, prepare a bold sum. However, if you decide to give young actors a chance, you can save money, but the sales results will be different. It’s up to you what your financial options are.

Prepare the story you want to tell

It doesn’t sound like a difficult task to think about the story, but believe me, it’s one of the most challenging. However, you should stick to the kind of video , some of which we introduced to you in the fourth step.

You should also think about how you want to impress the potential customer and what emotions you want to evoke in him. Want to have fun with your video? Do you want to feel happy and full of energy after watching the video?

Depending on the mood you want to evoke in the video, you should choose the colors, locations, or music you use in the video, it’s all connected.

Carefully prepare the so-called story-board , thanks to which you will create a clear visualization of your video. The storyboard should contain all the keyframes with which you want to convey the selected emotions.

For example, if you decide to shoot a product video, your storyboard will not only contain all the most important features of a particular product, but you should also pre-outline your idea of how the product will appear in the video.

Customize content for each channel

You should find out what video formats you want to use before you shoot . It is necessary to keep in mind, for example, that classic landscape videos are not suitable, for example, for instagram promotion.

So the cameraman will need not only a wide-angle camera, but also a portrait camera. You have decided to shoot the so-called Bumber ad? Great, but you have to say it in advance to take that into account when shooting.

So carefully plan which channels you want to promote your video on, and adjust the entire shoot accordingly . Each social network requires a different format, and each streaming platform requires a different video quality.

If you do not think carefully about this step, you could waste a lot of money and not get what you wanted. However, we believe that thanks to our useful tips, you will plan everything well and down to the last detail.

Monitor KPIs

Videos with millions of views are good, but may not produce any results.

It is especially important that your video marketing campaign is successful. How do you know? Monitor key performance indicators or KPIs.

Tracking metrics to help you reach your goals is very important. Don’t be fooled by the high number of views and follow other metrics, as success varies from goal to goal.

See phase – If you have created a video that wants to attract new customers, watch the number of views, viewers’ impressions or awareness.
Think phase – If you have created a video marketing campaign focusing on the THINK phase, you should monitor your viewing rate, popularity or increased interest in your brand in KPIs.
Stage In (do) ​​- If your customers have gotten to this stage, it’s great because your efforts are paying off. In KPIs, you should focus on sales or clicks.
Care phase – Now your viewer is a real customer. In KPI statistics, look at metrics such as back traffic or increase in popularity.


Video marketing is a complex discipline. However, I believe that we have explained everything thoroughly and our useful tips will help you with the implementation of your campaign . If you manage to follow all eight steps, you can be sure that your video marketing campaign will be successful.

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