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Online Marketing Plan In 10 Steps

Marketing is becoming one of the essential tools in promoting our business in the digital sector and is an excellent support to achieve our goals. If you have a project in mind but don’t know how to carry it out, here is a guide that shows you in 10 simple steps the path you must follow to develop a good Online Marketing Plan. Take a pencil and paper and write it down. Let’s go there!

1- My identity 

The first thing we must do is define who we are, what product or service we will sell, and what our brand is. This will help us determine the line we will follow and how our project is going to evolve.

2- Business model 

Now we have to take another step and think about how we will carry it out, that is, think about a suitable business model that helps us achieve the expected benefits. There are many business models on the internet. Some examples to give you an idea would be an online store, a payment, subscription service, or discount coupon websites like Groupon.

3- Target Market

We must be clear about who our consumers are. We must ask ourselves to whom is my product or service directed? Who are my buyers? This will help us when carrying out product development, distribution, etc. That allows us to serve our target audience in the best possible way. Online Marketing

We must also know what type of market we serve. For example, we will not act the same if our potential market is a market niche as if it is a broader market.

4- Analysis of the environment and the competition      

The next step is to investigate what surrounds us. In the purest Sherlock Holmes style, we must do an excellent job in the field to get to know our competition, both physically and on the web, see who they buy from them and how they do it. In short, knowing how they develop will help us to grow and improve, since many times their clients can be future consumers of our products or services. Online Marketing

5- Objectives and Goals 

Once we have arrived here, we have to set a course for this project. Therefore, it should be noted that the rudder must turn towards specific objectives. I recommend that you start with some general goals and establish particular objectives within each of them. Online Marketing The General purposes will always be a sum of specific objectives that will be easier to achieve.

A general objective could be to increase sales. Its specific objectives will be actions that help me achieve it, such as increasing advertising, expanding the distribution network, creating offers, etc.

6- Define your strategies                                           

In this section, we have to think about the medium / long term of the project, and we must design an action plan to follow that may vary according to the results, although there must always be a planned margin.

7- Resources 

Here we would include, in the first place, the budget that we have to carry out the project. Keep in mind that this will be the gasoline for our project, so it is essential to record the accounting.

The assets that we have are also considered resources, be they computers, servers, web pages, etc.

8- Marketing Tools Marketing           

Tools will help us achieve our objectives and place our project where it deserves. We have many devices such as google analytics or various statistical programs that can help us measure our business’s impact on the internet.

In addition, we have two practical tools such as SEO and SEM, which serve to position our website in search engines. It is vital to direct more traffic to our website.

9- SWOT analysis We will

Carry out this analysis, which is explained with its four letters.

Weaknesses: here, we will include the weakest points of our business.

Threats: anything that could be a problem for us.

Strengths: we will include the strengths of our business.

Opportunities: everything that we can take advantage of.

10- Analysis and conclusions

We have already reached the end of the road! The last thing we should do is analyze all the information that we have gathered in the previous points and draw conclusions that are useful for our business.

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