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Black Friday: Get The Most Out Of It.

Black Friday: Get The Most Out Of It. Is the biggest event of the year for all businesses. Although it was initially created with physical commerce, it extends to offline and online marketing. In fact, we can access the offers in advance in many stores, exclusively if we do it online.

This day originates in the United States and is celebrated the day after Thanks giving. That is, we celebrate it on the 4th Friday of November. Although for some years, this tradition has spread to almost everyone.

Black Friday is the event with which, we could say, the Christmas shopping begins. And many people take advantage of the discounts of this day to advance the purchase of Christmas gifts. For this reason, and to make the most of this day and make it easier for buyers, many merchants have extended their return periods until after Christmas.

When Is It Celebrated?

As we were saying, Black Friday is celebrated on the 4th Friday of November, but these deadlines are extended for various reasons.

Unifying all purchases in a single day causes great chaos for transport companies and, in many companies, affects the preparation of orders, who are overwhelmed and cannot meet the established delivery deadlines.

By offering customers several days to make their purchases with good discounts, we will reach more customers and significantly increase sales

To do this, we recommend that you follow the following tips:

Social networks. So important today. They are a great showcase to publicize our business, and Black Friday is the perfect occasion to show our offers and attract new followers (and future customers). AND

Send a newsletter to notify your customers of the discounts. This will attract their attention and make them take the opportunity to review the offers on your website or visit your physical store.

Sweepstakes for slots of hours. Carrying out raffles every X hours or every day between the orders placed is a super juicy wake-up call for your customers. It will give them that little push they sometimes need to complete the purchase.

But Not Everything Is So Simple, Be Careful!

We must think like a consumer. Black Friday is a great day for businesses, but we should not go crazy with advertising.

Think that the client has spent days (even weeks) receiving advertising of offers and discounts, and this (logically!) produces wear and tear on the consumer.

There is a lot of competition, so we recommend that your offer is: original, practical and (really) great.

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