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How To Optimize An SEO Article In WordPress?

How To Optimize An SEO Article In WordPress? When you have a WordPress blog at your disposal and you regularly write articles, you need to optimize their natural referencing to gain visibility.

The optimization of the natural referencing of your pages is complex. It is based on many aspects: Hn markup, net linking, loading time, and web writing ( see the excellent work of Robert alias Super Redactor ). However, tools can make this task a little easier.

Also, we will see how the Yoast SEO extension, available for free on WordPress, allows you to start on a sound SEO basis.

How To Install Yoast SEO On WordPress?

Even if you don’t have much experience in administering your blog, you can easily take care of installing this WordPress plugin. You can go to “Extensions” in the blog’s dashboard and click “Add.” You can type “Yoast SEO” in the search bar before downloading and activating it. SEO Article In WordPress

If you have some experience with blog administration, you can make changes by going to the general settings. If you are a novice, you can stick to the available settings for SEO optimization of your articles. This can help you rank higher in search engines.

Using Yoast SEO Plugin

Once you have installed the Yoast SEO extension on your blog, you will notice a window under each of your articles. You can look at the part that describes the analysis of the readability of your article. This part shows how search engines will analyze your reports.

You can use suitable keywords when writing your articles, but you must also ensure that they improve their reading. The Yoast SEO tool can also advise you not to exceed 150 words per paragraph. If the length of a section is justified, you don’t need to break it up to keep its meaning. SEO Article In WordPress

How Is An SEO Analysis Carried Out?

Before proceeding to study an article for WordPress SEO optimization, Yoast SEO will first follow a checklist. All the elements that must be found in a theme optimized for natural referencing will be checked one by one. These checks are based on the keywords you defined when writing the articles. SEO Article In WordPress

The chosen keyword is also called the target query. It would be best if you considered that Yoast SEO would not take care of its suggestion after scanning your article. You must therefore choose the keywords for your articles carefully.

During the SEO analysis of one of your articles, you will be able to see three different colors (red, orange, and green), which will allow you to work better on the SEO optimization of an article. 

A Better Understanding Of The Yoast SEO Menu

The Yoast SEO extension has many points that can help you better optimize your blog posts. Here are the different issues that you can use for a good optimization of your articles.

A Meta Description

A short description is displayed on Google. On the published text, the keyword must appear, which means that Internet users will be able to click on your article. If you have not chosen to replace a report with the meta description, search engines will take care of displaying the content of your article. 

Internal Links And External Links

When we talk about internal links, know that these are links that refer readers to other pages on your website. External links are then called backlinks. These additional links point to external sites and may exercise authority for the designated area. 

The Length Of An Article’s Content

When writing your articles on questions like how to optimize your SEO, you must write a text that is at least 500 words. But for better optimization of your articles, you must ensure they are between 1000 and 1500 words. 

The Number Of Times The Keyword Should Appear Within The Article

You must avoid overestimating the density of a query, i.e., the number of times you will use a keyword in a report. Tell yourself that the chosen keyword should only be used on at least 0.5% of the text. 

The Parts Of The Text Where The Keyword Should Appear

Once you have carefully chosen the keyword that should highlight your article, you must ensure that it appears in certain parts of the text. It must be found in the article’s first lines, allowing Internet users to know what your text is about quickly.

Your article URL, called a slug or permalink, must also contain a keyword. When writing an article, you will see a succession of titles, better known as intertitles. These parts of your text should also include your primary keyword, which can give more value to your article.

When you choose the keyword for your article, you must ensure that it is unique. This means that the same keyword should not be found twice on your site. By ensuring compliance with these conditions, it is easily possible to optimize your SEO. 

Some Advice Related To The Use Of Yoast SEO

When writing an article, you can tell that it is essential that all the points are green during the analysis. You must write specific articles that are not optimized for natural referencing. When you start writing articles for your blog, tell yourself that Yoast SEO can be of great use to you.

For your positioning at the top of search engines, you should not be satisfied with a simple installation of this application. You must choose the type of keyword that highlights each of your articles and place them in specific places in the text.

In short, Yoast SEO presents itself mainly as a support to save time when configuring tags and gives some additional indications such as keyword density and mesh. The fact remains that a good natural referencing optimization must go further.

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