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Five Essential Marketing Strategies For Your Startup

Differentiation Strategy

Five Essential Marketing Strategies For Your Startup: Yes, its name says it all: stand out. Indeed, something makes you unique; discover it and base your marketing on that difference. It can be your product, your values, your corporate image… Capture that differentiation in any format in which your startup is represented. Five Essential Marketing Strategies For Your Startup For example, why is Apple considered the best? Can’t we find products at the same level and a better price? Probably yes, but Apple has managed to differentiate itself; who has an iPhone or a Mac does not only feel that they have a smartphone or a tablet; It is linked to a series of qualities that its competitors lack: aesthetics, community, reputation…

Creative Strategy

A crazy idea can become a huge success. Innovate in the message and integrate creativity into your company’s communication processes. Five Essential Marketing Strategies For Your Startup Be impactful and tell your startup story as no one has before, which will also help you set yourself apart. Can’t you imagine? We give an example of two great and absolute representatives of the rivalry between brands: Coca & Cola vs. Pepsi.

Content Strategy

Or content marketing consists of offering valuable information to your user. Please provide them with helpful resources and grab their attention. You may ask, what do I get with this? Am I going to sell more? Well, we bet so: if you offer value to your target audience, you will be able to attract the community outside your startup to your network, and you will be able to convert them into your regular customers and even into ambassadors of your brand. Five Essential Marketing Strategies For Your Startup Users do not want to be bombarded with advertising. Outbound Marketing is outdated, and content is king.

Strategic Alliances And Networking

Who has a friend, has a treasure. And who has an ally… well, too. Co-branding or alliance of brands helps both improve their value, make themselves known in markets where they are not positioned, and generate novelty and interest. To cite a few examples, H&M is faithful to its annual collaboration with a luxury brand. From Isabel Mirant, Jimmy Choo, Kenzo and Versace, everyone has joined the Swedish giant. Both brands benefit; they achieve media impact and increase their sales. Also, position yourself in a market that is not yours with a minimum investment. In the food sector, we find many more examples: McDonald’s and KitKat; Malka and Oreo, Calvo and Carbon ell and others a little more bizarre like Philadelphia and Malka, but we leave that to the taste of the consumer.

Digitization Strategy

It seems evident in the case of a startup that will have a digital presence. Still, it is essential to study and define all the opportunities that the digital environment can offer to the business, decide which of those opportunities we can address and how to optimize them to the maximum: automation of processes, online positioning, mailing, social networks, etc. 

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