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9 Low-Cost Marketing Strategies for Start Ups

1. Content Marketing

9 Low-Cost Marketing Strategies for Start Ups: Content marketing requires very little investment and offers incredible returns when done correctly. Remember that this form of marketing has many aspects and approaches, so don’t limit yourself to just one. To start with, you can create your company website where you can share everything about your business with the world. You can then add a blog section to your website where you add new content as often as possible to educate and entertain your audience.

2. SEO

Web positioning allows you to increase the visibility of your online project, quickly multiplying your traffic. With the proper techniques, you will achieve very rapid growth for your brand in the medium term. These optimization techniques seek to achieve good organic positions that generate traffic and authority for your business channels. This strategy is essential for the company to gain prominence and visibility in the digital world and, consequently, more leads, customers, and revenue.

SEO consists of optimizing your website to improve your position in search engine results. In other words, through complex algorithms, search engines analyze and rate your page based on a series of parameters that determine the order in which it will appear in the search results list. Some of the points that you should take into account to optimize your 

SEO are: keywords

  • URL’s
  • Page Title Optimization
  • Header optimization Images
  • links
  • upload speed
  • Contents
  • Backlinks (also called SEO Off page) consist of another page of quality or relevance preference, including a link to our page or content

3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The term SEM (Search Engine Marketing) refers to all marketing within search engines, such as Google, and includes both paid advertising (sponsored links) and organic advertising 9 Low-Cost Marketing Strategies 

  • Make a good segmentation
  • keyword matching
  • Reasonable control of daily budgets
  • Use keywords with little competition
  • Take care of the quality score of your ads, and pay special attention to the agreement with the ad’s landing page.
  • Use ad extensions
  • Don’t forget to use negative keywords
  • Use Remarketing.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is essential these days, particularly with billions of smartphone users worldwide. If you can pack your content well for social media consumption, you can be sure it will go viral and make your business stand out. Your new startup needs to appear as a reputable and trustworthy brand online if it wants to become famous and attract its target clientele.9 Low-Cost Marketing Strategies 

5. Influencer Marketing

A little linked to the previous strategy is to advertise your product or service through an ” influencer ” who has many followers and a high commitment level. Working with content producers called digital influencers builds a bridge between the brand and the affected audience and impacts digital marketing strategies positively.

6. Email marketing

Email marketing may be traditional, but it’s not entirely outdated. The key to getting email marketing right is building an organic customer list instead of buying a fake, non-organic list. Ensure your email blasts go to people genuinely interested in your products or reading your content. 9 Low-Cost Marketing Strategies 

7. Interactive Content

We could include this within what we call Content marketing in the first point. Still, I find it interesting to mention it separately because we can obtain different results from those already mentioned.9 Low-Cost Marketing Strategies 

8. Mobile Applications

As I already mentioned earlier, we all use smartphones nowadays. Take advantage of this, so your users know your products, place orders, or access customer service.

9. Co-Marketing

Also known as Cross Marketing is the alliance between two companies to create and promote a product, service, or content, making it reach an expected audience so that both benefit from the strategy.

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