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Video Games, Curse Or Blessing?

Video Games, Curse Or Blessing: Video Games Day is celebrated around the world on July 8th. It’s the same this year. But are video games actually cause for celebration? Don’t they pose mental health risks? You have to look closely. Lo and behold, video games can have therapeutic benefits, says Dr. Andriese Kore brits.

Video games are a broad field. Console games here, computer games there and various game apps. What they always have in common: They interact with a visual user interface. The contents of the video games are as diverse as their number is large. It is impossible to scrutinize every single game to explore the therapeutic possibilities or any psychological dangers. Better to do it the other way around and immediately develop a game that can help with psychotherapy. 

Playing In Dialogue

By nature, game developers are not psychiatric professionals and psychiatrists cannot develop or even program a video game. This is as simple as it is true and shows exactly what is necessary: ​​early dialogue between the individual experts. So that therapists can, in turn, use a game to enter into a dialogue with their patients in order to gain important insights for treatment.

Aumio is an app for children that promotes relaxation, mindfulness and focus. Over a period of one and a half years, the developers and psychiatric specialists at the Helios Park Clinic exchanged ideas. The various stages of development of the game app were tried out together with patients. Interviews were conducted on the experience of the game. Until the gaming app was ready for the market. Now the app is to be used in a controlled manner in the outpatient area. Important here is the feedback between patient and therapist. It must and should be spoken. This is currently happening at the Helios Park Clinic during rounds, weekly check-ups and in therapy sessions.

Next Level Video Games

The digitization of our world is progressing inexorably. We see that at work and in our free time. In this way, among other things, there are always new possibilities for the digital flow of information. This also provides options for video game advancement. psychiatrist dr Kore brits takes a look into the future: “It would be helpful if there was automatic technical feedback. If we could see the course of a game as part of therapy – how attentively the game was played, how long concentration phases were and much more. Technically this is certainly possible. And if this type of feedback happens with the consent of the patient, there is nothing wrong with it. On the contrary, another door would open into the individual worlds of the patients. We would receive information

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