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Five Secret Android Features That Very Few Know About

Five Secret Android Features: Although Android is the most used mobile system globally, there are some little-known features.

Today everyone has a smartphone. Of all this universe, a significant majority have acquired equipment with the Google operating system, Android. However, despite its widespread popularity, certain functions are entirely unknown.

They are simple tools, but they can be beneficial in our daily work. Therefore, it is time for us to know what they are. There will be five new features that we will talk about on this occasion.

Setting up this tool is very simple. All you need is to go to the cell phone settings. Once inside, you have to enter the “Accessibility” option and customize the “Google Voice Synthesis” option. Once this is done, it will be enough to select any text we want to hear so that the Google voice tells us what we ask for.

Guest Mode

This option is beneficial for those very suspicious of the information Five Secret Android Features on their computers and wants to prevent third parties from accessing it at all costs.

The solution is to activate the guest mode. Doing so is very easy. You have to enter the settings of the smartphone. Once there, you will have to access the ‘Users’ option. Click on the user, and our mobile will return to the home screen, but without specific applications installed.

Increase Visibility

If it is sometimes difficult for you to see some details on your Android screen well, you should not try too hard. The solution is to activate this function that behaves like a magnifying glass and allows you to enlarge any part of the screen.

To activate it, we have to reaccess the settings section and look for the option called ‘Accessibility.’ Once inside, you have to get into magnifying glass gestures and activate the inside button. To make the enlargements, you will have to press three times on the chosen area on the screen.

The Hidden Game

By default, all the latest Android operating systems (from version 5.0 Lollipop) include a game inside.Five Secret Android Features And although it is pretty basic, it is worth discovering.

In order to run it, it will be necessary to go to the phone settings and enter the ‘About phone section. There we will see a lot of information about the equipment. To open the game, you will have to press several times on the specifications of the system version.

Remote Mobile Lock

This is perhaps the most helpful tool for many. However, it is very hidden inside the operating system to be so good.

To activate this function, we have to enter the mobile settings and go to the ‘Security’ section. Then we will have to look for the area ‘Device administrators’ and click on it, then we activate the option of ‘Find my device,’ and we can be calmer if our mobile is stolen or lost.

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