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10 Tips for this Black Friday

10 Tips for this Black Friday More and more people worldwide are waiting for the last Friday in November, known as Black Friday, to take advantage of the discounts and offers that companies offer them.

This day is being increasingly publicized and expected, mainly by consumers who spent months or even the year thinking about buying something but did not make the purchase due to the high value of the product they wanted.

Therefore, with the discounts offered during Black Friday or Black week in many cases, a new interest is created in customers who, 10 Tips for this Black Friday on that specific day, manage to perceive the possibility of buying what they wanted for a lower price. This is why stores and websites worldwide were crowded with people.

There are only a few days left until Black Friday, so in today’s post, we bring you ten tips to help you define your strategies well on that day, which is, in a proven way, the best Friday to sell of the year! Here we go:

Plan Your Actions With Time

If we have time, we will plan our campaign in those media that report the most affinity to us. Also, it will allow us to dedicate more time to small details that, in the long run, end up being the ones that determine the success in the final results.

Maintain An Omnichannel Strategy

Online and offline must go hand in hand.

Google data also clarifies that users go to physical stores to make their purchases, but that they also use digital platforms.10 Tips for this Black Friday  Proof of this is seeing how the growth of searches ” near me ” increased by 200% in the last two years, and 62% of the sales registered by physical stores were influenced by something that the consumer received in the channel digital.

For example, create and distribute discount codes in physical stores that can be redeemed in your online store, launch an interactive contest on social networks, and offer a different experience that can only be accessed in-store or vice versa. There are many options available, and you have to get creative!

So that the entry of benefits these days is doubled, do not forget to adapt the promotions you do in the online environment to the offline and vice versa. It will be a busy few days, but with tremendous rewards.

Prepare Your Website

It does not make any sense that you make good communication to sell more on Black Friday and have potential customers hooked on your content if, on the day of the promotional sales, your site does not meet all the demand received, it hangs or is too slow to an audience eager for offers.

Make sure that your page has a suitable design so that users have access to your promotions on any device with Internet access. You will have to remember that smartphones are the order of the day, and most purchases are made through these devices.

You can also verify if the server you have chosen can handle all the accesses that will take place on your site. After all, there is nothing worse than a constantly freezing shopping cart.

Also, whether you have a physical store or an online business, a trick that will attract more attention to your Black Friday event is to create a great landing page on your website. It is effective for finding customers since they are crawling the network to find exclusive offers on Black Friday, so … highlight yours to the fullest!

Optimize The Keywords

Even if you already have your keywords defined and you’re doing well, if you want to capture SEO traffic directly related to Black Friday, you need specific words.

In many cases, they are more like modifiers applied to the main keywords, making them a bit longer tail. For example, if you sell glasses, you can add the Black Friday tagline.

Make The Most Of Communication Through The RRSS

Reaching more users and impacting your potential customers, thanks to your Black Friday campaign, can help these users become followers of your brand on social networks. To do this, you can make special discounts with coupons during Black Friday that will help to incentivize the purchase and further increase your sales in physical stores or your online store.

To carry out this type of mechanics, you must distribute the codes: in the purchase receipt or through flyers in the case of having a physical store, or in the case of online customers for whom you already have their email, you can attach the code in the purchase summary itself or send it to your email through a Newsletter, in addition to publishing it on your social media profiles.

Transform The Store Into An Attractive Point Of Sale

Commerce should be a factory of experiences, and Black Friday is one of the best days to put those qualities into practice. Betting on a decorative element, such as installing eye-catching signs and hitting the right color and typography, can help create a unique experience .7. KNOW 

The Targets Most Interested In The Black Friday

A Digilant study concluded that targets are more likely to look for deals and buy products during Black Friday, such as DIY and gardening lovers, insurance seekers, consumers of events and shows, international travelers, and buyers of high-end devices. Focusing on these customers can be an excellent way to boost sales on Black Friday.

Makeup Selling

Upselling is a technique that consists of offering a customer or potential customer a product or service similar to the one they want to buy or have bought. Sometimes upselling provides a more expensive product or service that the consumer initially intends to buy.

For example, Mediamarkt frequently launches very aggressive marketing campaigns that attract consumers with spectacular offers so that people go to the store and buy additional products of more value.

Identify Trends

Analyzing which terms are linked to search terms through tools like Google Trends also helps reinforce messages. For example, identify if consumers are more interested in discounts or fast or free shipping.

Another approach to keep in mind is that many of the purchases made during Black Friday are intended as holiday gifts.

Free Shipping And Returns

Amazon has changed many aspects of how users shop. That e-commerce that does not include free shipping and returns during Black Friday will be penalized by consumers. At the very least, offer them at the lowest possible price to increase conversions.

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