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Workflow: How To Develop A Workflow

What Is A Workflow?

Workflow: How To Develop A Workflow: The term workflow is not only reduced when we deal with process optimization.

In many areas of our daily work, we talk about processes and workflows, and therefore about workflows. This article describes what is meant by workflow, how it is created, its benefits, and how to manage it.

Workflow Definition

It can be basically distinguished from a business process. Both are closely related, but they are not synonyms.

Also, it is the automation of a business process. So, let’s take a closer look at the business process.

What Is A Business Process?

A business process essentially consists of two levels:

  • Process level: A process consists of different threads. They all have a start and end time and offer a specific result.
  • Activity level: In order to process a single process, different activities must be performed. The definition of a business process not only defines the process with its sub-processes as such, but also defines what activities must be performed to complete the process.

What Describes The Workflow Level?

As described above, the processes and associated activities in a business process are automated. In order to do this, the individual activities are divided into the smallest possible work steps. Workflow: How To Develop A Workflow

As a result, work steps can be mapped, evaluated and processed.

  • Advantages of workflows
  • Reduce traffic and downtime.
  • Reduce errors.
  • Increase transparency.
  • Reduces the need for communication (everyone knows what they have to do at all times)Workflow: How To Develop A Workflow
  • Increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Ensure quick access to documents and information.
  • Enable quick analysis and decision making.

What Is Workflow Management?

  • It is the information technology support for the automation of business processes.

While we only sketch in the automated process in a workflow, we can initiate, control, and monitor this with workflow management.

With such a management system, Workflow: How To Develop A Workflow such as a merchandise management system, you can profession a lies and simplify this process.

What Does A Workflow Look Like?

Let’s first explain how which parts it should contain:

  • For a workflow to start, it needs a trigger, that is, the starting point. To determine when the workflow ends, it must also contain an endpoint.
  • It is the general term for many individual job steps, which can be executed sequentially and/or simultaneously.
  • The occurrence of such a workflow also includes a corresponding state, which must be defined when an activity has (not) completed successfully. In order to structure the individual processes as well as possible, a flow assigns activities to different stakeholders.
  • A participant can be both a system and a person. Another component of such a workflow is its document structure, which is centrally available to everyone involved.

Therefore, it provides information, tools and documents exactly when the participants need them to complete the activity.

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