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5 Reasons To Involve Your Company In Environmental Projects

5 Reasons To Involve Your Company: Many companies have joined the global movement to safeguard our environment. The COP24, which took place this month of December in Poland, made it possible to recall the importance of companies’ commitment to this ambitious fight. When the climate scepticism of certain governments calls into question the achievement of essential objectives, brands and companies are seizing the ecological relay to present their solutions. Not to mention that joining environmental projects offers more than one benefit for professionals. Which?


The “All-in”? It’s the title of a book by David Grayson, Chris Coulter and Mark Lee. We discover how the commitment of all, and in this case, that of companies, can change the ecological situation. The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has sounded the alarm. Political will alone will be insufficient to accomplish the “rapid, profound and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society” needed today to meet the commitments of the Paris Agreement. COP24 should be an opportunity to reaffirm the climate objectives mentioned at COP21:

Achieve a state of balance between human carbon emissions and terrestrial absorption capacities ;

Limit the rise in temperature to 2° by 2100 to avoid irreversible upheavals in the planet’s climate;

Respect the rules of a just transition. It would take into account the working conditions of the active population and allow the creation of decent and quality jobs.

Become Aware Of The Impact Of Your Business

Many American companies have already understood this and have initiated profound changes in their operations. Faced with Trump’s climate scepticism, they have chosen to take up the ecological torch.

About 500 major groups across the globe have set Science-Based Targets. Their goal? Take decisive action to reduce their emissions, and respond to the recommendations of the Paris Agreement.

In France, companies that have measured their impact on the environment are the most inclined to get involved in environmental projects. In 2016, nearly 50% of companies with 20 or more employees declared that they were committed to a logic of efficient management of resources. 1 out of 3 companies stated that they had taken steps to improve their energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Seize The Opportunity To Reinvent Your Business

It was once labelled a “problem of the rich” and “moralizing sores”. Ecology is nowadays more and more considered as a springboard for the development of a company. Joining an environmental project allows, among other benefits, to participate in the growth and success of its entire territory.

Projects strengthen the links between urban and rural areas or industrial parks and agricultural enterprises. Some companies have integrated networks also involving local authorities and farming estates. Their organic waste was thus able to enter a new recycling loop, ensuring its transformation into biogas. In the Pays-de-la-Loire, 85 SMEs are developing new economic activities that respect the environment through the Ruptur network.

The beneficial effects of a commitment to the environment are also visible internally. By developing their approach to reducing CO2 emissions, a growing number of companies have been able to implement new modes of transport for their employees. At a time when the price of fuel has become a real problem in professional circles, carpooling, cycling, and public transportation have never seemed so relevant. Offering employees teleworking and staggered hours is also becoming an effective green lever in the fight against absenteeism.

Give Meaning To Your Projects

These graduates fleeing their management positions to open traditional bakeries or found their organic farms send a solid message to the business world.

5 Reasons To Involve Your Company: Ready to give up a comfortable salary for a much more uncertain future, they affirm their desire to give meaning to their lives.

5 Reasons To Involve Your Company: This philosophical quest also affects companies, placed at the heart of a system with sometimes inhumane rules.

Job creators, brands and companies now have the power to take charge of the ecological future of their fellow human beings. Industrial activity has primarily contributed to the alarming reality of global warming, and it is now committed to innovative actions. Reasoned production, circular economy and “programmed reuse” have entered their vocabulary. With the idea that environmental values ​​can balance the capitalist balance. The opportunity for companies to reaffirm their role in the city and contribute to the economic viability of new models geared towards preserving the environment. Another challenge: transmission to younger generations, which business networks have fully integrated into their environmental projects.

Meeting Consumer Expectations

The company’s image is impacted when it engages in these new environmental projects. Conducting a CSR policy with sincerity and energy offers brands the possibility of opening up a new communication space towards their current and potential customers.

16% of French people now consume organic products daily. They are more attentive to the origin of their food, their method of cultivation, and the remuneration of producers. Circular economy practices are no longer marginal. We recover, recycle, repair, and the rejection of planned obsolescence is increasingly heard. The issue of climate change is becoming central to our consumption habits. As a result of these new concerns, large groups and mass distribution are the subjects of growing mistrust. In search of transparency and respect, consumers favour artisanal manufacturing methods, made in France, local products.

Developing an ethic and a philosophy that goes in the direction of safeguarding our climate, therefore, allows you to meet the expectations of your core target. An appropriate communication strategy, in particular by sharing the progress of the project(s), can play an essential role in developing your reputation.

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