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Landing Page, How To Design It And What It Is For.

Landing Page, How To Design It And What It Is For. In this article, we will discuss the technical part of designing a landing page rather than the content structure we must give to our landing page.

We know that a landing page’s main objective is to convert your audience, and this is what we all want, to have a website that generates leads or contacts to work on them with the sales team and close deals.

We must first be very clear about designing the landing page to achieve these results.

Identify A Clear Offer.

The first thing we must identify is a clear offer. We must know what attracts the potential client, lures him so much that it leads him to fill out a form, send it to us and attract him as a client.

We must put ourselves in the shoes of our audience that we have attracted and offer something different, attractive or unique that makes them fill out a form with all their data.

At Future Vía, we always recommend our clients be honest with the offer, not to deceive or confuse the client with something they expect, but do not receive, to avoid frustration and brand wear.

The type of offer we make on the landing page design will be one of the determining factors in the success of our landing page.

Definition Of The Type Of Client We Want

Through a landing page title, since the said title will be what the offer will revolve around and, therefore, all the content. The title will determine what type of client we will attract to our landing page, and therefore we must be careful with the title we choose.

For example, for a client who wanted to promote a manufacturer’s product occasionally, we chose the term and the manufacturer’s name to advertise directly.

This type of landing page is on its domain since the structure of the corporate page, an online store, makes it challenging to create an appropriate funnel.

Detailed Description

A detailed description of what we are going to find. It is essential from our point of view that the landing page details the object or service that will be received and for which we will launch to fill out the form to break expectations.

Some of our clients prefer the ambiguity of what will be received, playing with the visitor’s imagination and encouraging him to fill in the form because of an idea he has created from an ambiguous description. It is a way of working, but we advise against it.

For us, a landing page is an essential tool of inbound marketing or attraction marketing, where the conversion of potential customers is sought.

Well-Defined Visual Content Before Its Elaboration

We start by stating that our website must be beautiful with engaging multimedia content since an image is worth a thousand words.

The landing must be visual, unique, attractive and different from the rest of the competition and encourage action to fill out the form to request more. For this, we must have quality visual and written content, which shows its visitors that they are looking at something different, be it a product or a service.

We must be concise in our information but simultaneously complete so that the user takes less than two minutes to compose our offer.

Clearly Define The Form, Call To Action Or CTA.

This is precisely the essential part of all since the objective is for the user to fill out the form so that our sales team closes the operation or captures it in our database and has a volume of users interested in our products or services…

They must be simple, intuitive and straightforward forms to fill out with few options. The requested fields will be larger or smaller depending on what we offer. For example, suppose the client signs up for a newsletter or a download file. In that case, we will ask for information such as name, email, area of ​​interest (the landing page being predefined) and, Optionally, a contact telephone number. 

Although this information for digital information usually puts them off, however, if we request that an advisor contact us for a web design, an interior design company or a law firm, we will ask for information Additional information such as contact telephone number, hours… that you feel comfortable filling in the form since we are interested in it. We do not want to bother you.

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