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Outsourcing Strategies

Outsourcing Strategies could be a suitable method for your company, but you don’t know how to start? There is no single proper procedure for carrying out an outsourcing project. As different as companies can be, their outsourcing strategies. However, the following best practices have already proven effective in many situations.

Analyze The Current Situation:  

 studies how the current condition of a task, a particular area of ​​​​the company, or a business process is. From this analysis, a conclusion can be drawn about the procedure to be followed, and the possible potential of an outsourcing strategy can be estimated.

Preparatory Meeting: 

 organize an initial meeting with all the members of your company that participate in the project to start the outsourcing project in the best way. The conference will lay the foundations for future joint work. The objective is to highlight and discuss the benefits of the project, the content, the timetable, and the following steps to follow.

Select Service Provider –

 Compare potential service providers with each other. You need to specify performance requirements for selection and interaction with potential providers. All the conditions are noted in the specifications and the concept on which the project is based. On the other hand, the technical requirements, the solutions sought, and the complex needs are pointed out. Service providers can develop new solutions or supplement existing ones on this basis. In addition, possible misunderstandings will be avoided.

Implementation schedule : 

Once the contract is signed, its implementation can start. It is essential to agree on specific dates for applying the agreement. As part of the project management, it regularly checks whether the contractually agreed objectives have been achieved.

Outsourcing Examples: Subcontracting Tasks

Outsourcing strategies are applied in areas such as customer service, accounting, tax advice, IT, and marketing.

Here Are Some Examples Of Outsourcing Strategies:

Customer service: a company delegates its customer service to a specialized company. Call centers often take over specific calls for an agreed fixed price.

Marketing: A company outsources the support of the various social media channels to an external service provider (for example, an agency).

Product manufacturing : Some companies choose to produce in countries with lower costs. Once the production is finished, the articles are sent to the company, which deals with their distribution and commercialization.

Mistakes to avoid

Wrong partner: Companies can choose between different outsourcing partners depending on the sector, whether they are specialized manufacturers, agencies, or freelancers. A satisfactory result requires a careful selection of the business partner.

Arbitrary Outsourcing: Arbitrarily, outsourcing tasks can save work but rarely makes sense. It is advisable that, before making a decision, the different fields and activities of your own company are analyzed in detail, not only from an economic perspective.

Vague Agreements – Vague agreements often result in the employer being dissatisfied with the results. Therefore, it is essential to determine in advance what exactly will be outsourced and how and to what extent the defined criteria will be controlled.

Bad Contracts: An outsourcing contract should document the outsourced tasks and mutual obligations. When in doubt, unanswered questions lead to misunderstandings.

Outsourcing Abroad: What You Should Know About It.

Time difference: Thanks to digitalization, you can work with freelancers from all over the world, but in the case of an urgent task or a spontaneous meeting, the time difference can be a problem.

Language barriers: Being fluent in English is one of the essential prerequisites for outsourcing abroad.

Work structure :

 techniques and approaches are not the same in all companies. A company on the other side of the world is to approach a problem differently than you are used to.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Outsourcing


Core Competencies: The company can focus on its priorities.

Cost reduction: as a general rule, providing external services is more profitable than hiring specialized workers in your own company.

Time savings: Small businesses, particularly freelancers, need time to familiarize themselves with new work areas. Outsourcing allows you to save money and invest in other areas.

Quality improvement: the use of outsourcing strategies almost always brings qualitative advantages. These advantages are due to the high degree of specialization external service providers offer.


Dependency: with outsourcing, you necessarily depend on the corresponding service provider. For example, if this supplier has financial problems, this could lead to subsequent costs for your company.

Dispersion of know-how.

Data protection: the service provider can gain access to your company’s sensitive data.

Expensive reintegration: If you have outsourced services in certain areas, carrying out a reintegration is associated with high costs. The implementation is costly, time-consuming, and requires suitable employees in Peace To Landing Pages & Websites

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