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HomeMARKETINGEmail Marketing Is A Key Piece Of Your Omnichannel Strategy

Email Marketing Is A Key Piece Of Your Omnichannel Strategy

Using Email Marketing Properly Directly Increases ROI.

Email Marketing According to many experts, Email marketing is one of the most profitable means and a pivotal element in improving ROI. This type of communication has excellent advantages for all companies, regardless of their market niche or business model.

This medium has all the uses you want to give it, from information about offers to direct contact with the departments. From my experience as a consultant, I have seen that many companies limit themselves to using mailing to send exclusively advertising offers and actions. This practice is usually counterproductive since the continuous impacts are tiring and force labeling as SPAM or cancellation.

The 3 Main Advantages Of Email Marketing

Among all the virtues that this type of communication has, we can highlight 3 that have a direct impact.

Cheap :

The costs of this medium are pretty low or even free, depending on how many emails you send or the size of your database. There are solutions for all pockets and business sizes with expandable features. This makes it a perfect way to maintain contact with all users of our database effectively and at a low cost. Another advantage of having a mailing strategy is to improve the performance of paid campaigns. The possibility of excluding our newsletter users from some of our ads helps optimize investment and increases ROI.

Accessible : 

Apart from being accessible in price, it is also accessible in the immediacy of the service since many users have email on their phone or mobile device. According to the 2017 Ditrendia Report, 69% of email openings are made from mobile devices.

Double way : 

email marketing allows the user to interact with us through the communication made. This, linked to valuable content, allows the development of a stable and direct communication model with the user.

The 3 Main Requirements Of Email Marketing

Not everything is hunky-dory, as they say. This type of communication has a “b side” that should not be forgotten. The 3 main “stoppers” for email marketing are:

It is as profitable as your database :

the main drawback of this service is that you must have a careful database and maintain it. The key is not to have many registrations, which also helps, but that the users you have are suitable and interested in your product.

Requires previous work : 

a good strategy is focused on the correct use of resources. Although many things can be automated, knowing your database with good segmentation will directly influence the effectiveness of the campaigns.

You need content : 

By content, I do not mean that you have to make offers every week. They are instead offering valuable information to the user. Possible examples would be a powered blog, a video channel, or taking action that puts you above the competition, not just because of price.

Types Of Actions Via Email

At the beginning of the article, I commented that most companies use email exclusively for advertising. Using this medium to add value to our company beyond price is key to improving your reputation and retaining users. Differentiating the types of communication allows us to impact different users and get to know them better.

Among the types of communication that we can carry out are the following:

Periodic newsletters : 

We can use this medium to attract traffic if we have a blog or a video channel that we usually feed. The content we offer should be of value and avoid advertising as far as possible. This type of communication positions us as experts in our field and generates reliability for the user. This allows us to have direct communication with users to add essential CTAs.

Promotional emails: 

These are advertising emails to use. Differentiation at this point is the key. Get to know your users and use correct segmentation when making shipments.

Informative emails : 

Value actions halfway between advertising and communication. Informative lead nurturing queues on purchase processes, education for new customers, information about your company, milestones, etc.

Automatic emails : 

This is linked in a certain way with marketing automation platforms. Being able to impact at the right time for each user is a differential value. At this point, abandoned carts, post visits, or alerts to the departments enter at a time of interest.

Transactional emails: 

This type of email is outside marketing and is usually sent by different platforms. These are the mandatory emails such as purchase receipts, order receipts, etc.

Email Marketing Creates Sales Opportunities And Improves Communication With Your Users.

As you have seen, the mailing actions are extensive and varied, with extensions to everything that your needs and imagination can create. Integrating a good mailing strategy with Daa Suite will allow you to manage large volumes of visits and increase ROI efficiently.

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