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Outsourcing: The term outsourcing is made up of the English words “out” and “source”, which together could be translated as “external origin” but in Spanish it is known as  or subcontracting. And this is exactly what is all about: a company outsources tasks, and delegates areas or business processes to third parties, thus obtaining results from the outside. So from now on a specialized service provider will provide the services for which the company was previously responsible. These are often secondary functions, tasks that must be fulfilled for a company to carry out its main activity. : what is it?


“outsourcing” refers to a strategy in which corporate tasks and structures are delegated to external contractors or service providers. They can be specific tasks, specific company areas, or even entire business processes.

What Reasons Are There For Subcontracting?

Increased efficiency: Businesses can focus on their core tasks and functions and thus work more efficiently.

  • Adaptability: Thanks to the  of tasks, the capacity of the workforce increases. Thanks to it, it is possible to achieve maximum performance and production, even in the case of seasonal or unusual fluctuations in its activity cycles.

  • Faster response time: You can respond faster to changes, as tasks can be transferred to specialized third parties.

  • Improves quality –  often brings about quality improvements, especially in the product’s manufacturing.

  • Cost savings: external companies are highly specialized in their services, so they can work more profitably and present attractive offers.
  • Lack of know-how: When new processes are implemented in a company, the know-how of these processes is often unknown, or there is a lack of qualified employees to carry them out. is an alternative to hiring new specialists.

 Types Of Outsourcing

Different forms of outsourcing can be distinguished: 

  • Outsourcing Of Business processes (Business Process Outsourcing):

    in this case, a business process is completely outsourced. An example would be the            following: an external contractor is in charge of calculating the payroll of the employees.

  • Outsourcing Of Knowledge Processes (Knowledge Process Outsourcing)

  • is a further step in the evolution of . It consists of complex tasks being outsourced to an external company—for example, developing texts optimized for search engines for your web page. The company in question usually has experts with a high degree of specialization.
  • Outasking:

  • only specific and well-defined areas are transferred to another company. These are often time-consuming administrative processes, for example, archiving emails or backing up data. However, the responsibility for this will remain with the company, as the entire business area will continue to be managed independently.

  • Selective Outsourcing –

  • Selective  combines task and business process . Special sub-areas are outsourced that are larger than individual tasks but do not, however, correspond to a complete process.

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