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Positive Impact And Business Activity

Positive Impact And Business Activity: Evolve or die. This is the key to survival. It is for living beings, but also companies. Today is not just about making money. It is also about positively impacting society, the environment, and the world. You must have a purpose to do this because more is needed to innovate. This is the opinion of Francisco Palao, author of Impact Positive, published by Deusto.

A Matter Of Mentality

Today we have technologies, methodologies and tools that allow us to innovate. But there are also many challenges before us, both globally and locally, that we have to face. Because what makes us human is taking care of others and helping us selflessly. That is what makes us advance as a civilization. And it is not a question of technology but of mentality.

That mentality has four implications that derive from the exponential technologies that we have, said Francisco Palao. The first is abundance. We live in a world of abundance. So, as a company, we have to think about doing things differently. If not, it will happen to us like Kodak, which went bankrupt because its business model was based on scarcity. What we have to do today, in many cases, is to consider how to take advantage of abundance.

Impact And Purpose

The second implication is exponentiality. Organizations grow exponentially because they take advantage of abundance. Airbnb is the largest hotel in the world and does not own a single hotel. Google does the same with information, Uber with drivers, and Netflix with content.

The purpose is the third implication. As we satisfy our basic needs, we begin to pursue our aspirations. In this way, we arrive at the goal of self-realization. The purpose is a compelling force. The purpose of Google is to organize all the information in the world. Tesla’s is to accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy. In one way or another, all organizations begin to ask what their purpose is. Apple is an ecosystem that places definition at its Centre.

The Pyramid Of The Five ‘P.’

And more is needed to innovate. Innovation continues to be necessary and fundamental, but we must go one step further. The pyramid of the five Ps tells us. We innovate by creating a good Product. This allows us to have benefits ( Profit ) because we are not going anywhere without them. But it’s not enough. 

It is also necessary to be sustainable on a social ( People ) and environmental ( Planet ) level. This should be imperative for any organization. But we must go further. We must contribute to regenerating the world, and we must contribute positively. This is the top of the pyramid, which is having an internal P proposal that allows you to have a positive external impact. Positive Impact And Business Activity

We can stay in profit, like traditional organizations. But we can also go one step further. This impact unlocks large businesses and positive impact opportunities. 

Therefore, Tesla has much more value in the market and the world. Thanks to Tesla, the technological race in the energy area has accelerated. It has made other car manufacturers start working on electric cars. In this way, many more people and companies are trying to create a better world through their businesses. So we are now in the age of innovation and positive impact. Positive Impact And Business Activity

Exponential growth

To grow exponentially, you have to follow three fundamental phases. The first is exploration, when we don’t know what we don’t know. The second is evaluation, which is when we want to test which is the proper path. And the last one is the impact, which is when we climb. These three phases demand three mindsets in which we will operate differently. Positive Impact And Business Activity

These dynamics not only correspond to startups but also apply to corporations. Their fundamental problem, Francisco Palao pointed out, is that almost all of them feel like a mammoth. Positive Impact And Business Activity

They perceive they can become extinct at any time if they don’t evolve because the environment is changing a lot. The problem is that the immune system always acts when trying to innovate in an organization. That is, an internal reaction occurs that blocks these dynamics.

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