What Is The CTR?

What Is The CTR? In the digital marketing sector, especially regarding SEO and SEM, complex terminologies sometimes get out of hand. Thus, given the variety of specific terms that surround us in this field, it is interesting to know some, such as the CTR or, what is the same, the percentage of clicks.

If you want to know what it is about, keep reading this article. At the SEM agency, we explain a little more about the CTR and other exciting content you can find on our blog.

What Is It, And how Is It Measured?

The initials CTR correspond to the words of English origin Click Through Rate, which is equivalent to the percentage of clicks in Spanish. It is one of the primary metrics in the SEO and SEM strategy and refers to the number of clicks an ad, a banner, etc., obtains. Regarding the number of impressions, that is, the times it has been seen.

For this reason, it is essential to be clear that we are talking about clicks and impressions, not unique users. Thus, more than one click or more than one impression can come from the same user. A simple formula is applied to calculate the CTR: divide the number of clicks by the number of impressions, then multiply it by 100.

The interpretation of these data is variable since the standard figures vary between the different platforms. However, generically, the more targeted a campaign is and the better structured an SEO and SEM strategy is, the higher the click-through rate will be. In addition, it must be borne in mind that the more advertisers fight for the same space, sector, or keyword, the more complex it will be to raise the CTR.

Importance Of CTR In Web Positioning

As we mentioned above, the click-through rate is essential to consider when an SEM agency creates a marketing campaign for a specific client. The higher the CTR value, the more clicks we will get in less time. Thus, this allows us to increase web traffic to the landing pages that interest us, and we will have more potential users willing to enter a conversion funnel.

A click-through rate is also a tool that measures the “health status” of the ads on our website. The number of clicks on an ad is an obvious indicator of the public interest and attraction it generates. If the CTR is considerably low, reviewing the content will be a matter. There may be a problem preventing the user from clicking, or the ad may not be as engaging as it should be. Therefore, the SEO and SEM strategy must be improved if the intention is to improve web positioning.

Ways To Increase Click-Through Rate

There is always room for improvement. For this reason, from the SEM  agency, we give you some tips that will be key to increasing the percentage of clicks on the ads on your website or brand as one of the primary metrics. Look at them!

Good Use Of Keywords. 

With the correct use of keywords, you will make your web positioning much more favorable. Use them both in headlines, within the ad, and in the URL. In addition, you can group keywords into small groups to accommodate more rigorous results for the user and, therefore, increase clicks. 

Includes A Call To Action. 

It’s about getting the public’s attention. To do this, you must ensure that the content of your ad is attractive enough to derive the most significant number of users possible and, thus, increase the CTR. An excellent way to do this is to bet on short exclamatory sentences, and Google will place it, at least, as an average ad. 

Watch The Competition. 

If you find it challenging to be creative with your ads or have questions about them, why not take ideas from other places and apply similar guidelines to yourself? Get inspired by websites that, from the user’s point of view, are attractive to you, and start inventing your own now!

Full Use Of Extensions. 

There are numerous types of extensions, and depending on which ones you choose, you will make your ads stand out from the crowd, thus making a difference. By using multiple extensions, the chances of higher CRT value increase.

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