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Ten Excellent Social Media Content Formats

Ten Excellent Social Media In 2021, the content on social networks was getting better: a whole team of professionals is working on Lapenko’ s sketches, LABELCOM’s advertising resembles Hollywood films, even posts for average bloggers are written by content managers and SMM specialists.

It pampers the audience. Ten Excellent Social Media  They are used to receiving quality content, so subscribers need to be constantly warmed up with something interesting to not go to another, more exciting blogger or brand.

But how to come up with exciting content on the Internet: in a place where there is everything in the world? We have compiled the ten most popular and in-demand types of content for spring and summer 2021.

1. Instructions

Most often, Internet users are looking for something practical and valuable. These are requests in the spirit of “what is it?”, “How to do it?” and “where to find?”.

Every year, the popularity of such requests is only growing, especially in digital marketing. People are starting to treat the Internet as a library of knowledge rather than an entertainment network.

Write specific step-by-step instructions for subscribers on the most common topics. The breadth of the subject is needed to collect more coverage.

You can use your own experience to help the reader solve the problem. Ten Excellent Social Media  Another personal experience helps to sell your services: gently, unobtrusively.

2. Video Tutorials

Google has published statistics on views of content on Youtube. It turned out that people are most interested in comedy, music, entertainment, and practical advice.

At the same time, interest in video tutorials began to grow steadily with the onset of the pandemic. Even when the lockdown was lifted, users continued to watch video tutorials.

They can be prepared every time your business prepares any publications. For example, you can film a product overview, step-by-step video slideshows, annotated screencasts, or animated video tutorials.

3. Flow Charts And Checklists

Clip thinking has become firmly entrenched in society and has also ceased to be prejudicial. On the contrary, all copywriters and content managers try to eliminate unnecessary words to leave the most necessary.

An excellent embodiment of this approach: flowcharts and checklists, in which the topics of publications are presented as clearly as possible, and all information is compressed to the necessary minimum.

4. Product Comparison

The development of markets has resulted in users spending more and more time researching products, comparing them with competitors, and making decisions.

Help them: review your product and competitors’ products. Just don’t cheat!

How do you understand with whom to compare in the first place? If you are a Spotify content manager, search for “Spotify or…” and see what the results show you. We are offered Yandex. Music. Herewith it and compare your service!

5. Video Reviews

We wrote above that people have become fond of educational content, and a video can accompany all articles. The same goes for reviews.

Make content delivery as easy as possible. Let the user not strain at all to get the benefit. Articles are still a little more challenging to read than just looking at the screen.

6. Tops

Helpful content is good, but don’t forget to entertain the reader. Compile the top 10 visual processing services, the top 5 beef dishes according to your foodservice chefs, the top 7 best sites for killing time at work.

Lists and ratings are generally great to dilute the content. The reader begins to analyze your choice: that you forgot to indicate whether the places were given out somewhat, what he would add, and so on.

7. Seasonal Content

Feel free to make content dedicated to dates. It may even be the same in scope every year. For example, a constructor of congratulations for the New Year, the best postcards for Easter, and so on.

8. Case Studies

Conduct market analysis and publish the results of the research. For example, a study on the topic: “How was the demand for the Clubhouse formed and why did it quickly subside?”.

Firstly, it is an exciting and unhackneyed format. Secondly, studies will be referenced, and they will bring your traffic to the sites.

9. Make Downloadable Content

Downloadable content is content that a user receives through a download. For example, you offer him a free e-book with educational articles on marketing. This is downloadable content.

The trick is that users usually share such content: they send it to each other, upload it to torrents, post it in their publics on VKontakte. This means that they advertise your brand for free in the most unexpected places.

10. Affiliate Materials

Advertising is often marked with this tag, but it is not only about it. Affiliate content is any content that you produce with other brands.

For example, a webinar about targeted advertising from a creative and marketing agency is affiliate material.

Why is it needed? To share the audience, of course! If your brands are not competing and are both very interesting, be sure to collaborate. 

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