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How Much Does Advertising On Social Networks Cost?

How Much Does Advertising On Social Networks Cost? Social Networks have been revolutionizing how companies promote their products and services for several years. At first, these advertising media were only used by emerging companies or those oriented to a younger audience. However, today, this type of advertising is used by companies from all sectors, including the most established ones. How Much Does Advertising On Social Networks Cost?

The main advantage of advertising on Social Networks over traditional advertising is that it has a global reach. This means that companies can reach a larger audience with less budget and save efforts in the internationalization of their services.

Several factors must be considered when determining how much advertising on Social Networks costs. This cost may vary depending on the chosen social network, the audience segment you want to reach, the company’s sector, if it is about special dates, the country in which you intend to advertise, etc.

Investment In Advertising On Social Networks

In any case, the minimum investment in advertising on Social Networks will be low. In fact, on Facebook and Instagram, it is possible to carry out advertising actions from €1 a day. As long as these ads are set up correctly, they will appear in the company’s target audience feed like any other post. How Much Does Advertising On Social Networks Cost?

In addition, since 2017, on Instagram, it has been possible to advertise to appear in stories. Of course, the ads will appear in both cases with a mark indicating paid advertising.

Depending on the type of ad and all the factors we have seen before, the price per ad on Instagram can be €4 for every 1,000 views, while on Facebook, it will be around €3 for the same amount of ideas. However, it must also be taken into account that these Social Networks are not focused on the same type of audience, and demographic data must be considered. How Much Does Advertising On Social Networks Cost?

On the other hand, there is the cost per click, which is the price that advertisers must pay each time users click on the ad. This amount may also vary depending on the action taken by the customer and other factors. If we talk about Instagram, the price per click will vary from €0.12 and, on Facebook, from €0.14.

Likewise, it is essential to have a good Social Media strategy. Companies that only publish ads on Instagram and Facebook but need a better approach to optimize these ads will not achieve such profitable results. How Much Does Advertising On Social Networks Cost?

The same will happen when the content of the corporate profiles is not of quality or follows the corporate image of the company. Therefore, to increase the conversion rate of ads and increase the return on investment, it is essential to create a good Social Media strategy and configure ads in an optimized way, considering the demographic data of the company’s target audience.

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