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When Is An Artificial Intelligence Solution Right For Your Business?

In this blog, we will say a few words about how to identify problems in your business that artificial intelligence could help you solve. There is no need to discuss that it is a truly powerful tool for solving a wide range of tasks in all possible areas. So let’s look at when you can use this tool and when it is better to take a different path.

Input data

The machine learning algorithms on which AI is based are heavily dependent on the amount of quality input data. These are historical data on the basis of which artificial intelligence will learn how to behave and make decisions in the future. So for starters, the basic question is whether you have such data. Alternatively, whether you can collect and store them in sufficient quantity and within a reasonable time. Depending on the issue, you may not have data from your business. You can also find countless different freely available data sources on the Internet. In this case, however, pay more attention to their quality.


Another aspect is the isolation of the problem from external influences. If the environment in which the system is to operate is too dynamic and there may often be new unexpected situations that did not previously occur in the input data set, the algorithm may not be able to handle them well. Ideally, therefore, collect historical data containing all possible situations that the system may face in practice. You will have no problem with new changes over time in the conditions you control (modification of the production line, new products in production). All you have to do is collect the data obtained under the new changed conditions again. Using them, you only “teach” the system how to work correctly in the new environment.

Black box

One of the disadvantages of artificial intelligence algorithms is that some function as a black box. You enter some input data into the system, it will process them and provide the result. If you are not satisfied with the result, you cannot see any intermediate steps in the calculation. You won’t even get an explanation for why the system made the way it did. Is such a solution acceptable to you? It also depends on the area in which you operate. Be sure to be more careful when working with people.

Decision support

Machine learning algorithms are based on statistics and probability. Therefore, it is not possible to guarantee that you will always get 100% accuracy. It is not recommended to adhere strictly to the result that the system will provide. Take it more as a quality decision support tool. As we mentioned, the decisions and estimates that the algorithms offer are based only on historical problems. On their solutions and results, in which the learning algorithm tries to find patterns and contexts, based on which it will try to estimate the right solutions in the future. While thanks to this, artificial intelligence in selected tasks can achieve even higher accuracy than humans, just as humans can sometimes be wrong. Think about the error rate that is acceptable for solving your task, or find a reasonable compromise.


Artificial intelligence can be a very helpful tool for decision support and is often a truly innovative solution, which companies are very happy to present. If you are unsure of the application to your business environment or production process, do not hesitate to contact experts. There are also experienced IT companies developing AI solutions in Slovakia – they will advise you with answers to questions about the implementation of AI in your company.

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