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5 Main Cloud Trends Of 2021

5 Main Cloud Trends Of 2021: Cloud technologies open up many new opportunities and significantly save money. How Ukrainian business has transformed over the past year and what to expect from companies in 2021 – further in the article.

Cloud solutions have become a real lifeline for many during the offline collapse. It isn’t easy to imagine the role that cloud computing plays in our lives: 5 Main Cloud Trends Of 2021 from product delivery to making money on the same products.

Clouds” Around

Thanks to cloud technologies, each of us can access a massive number of information resources regardless of place and time. In particular, to the virtual disk, which is one of the simplest examples of the cloud:

  • You can upload photos and videos there.
  • A reliable place to create and store work or study materials.
  • You can use various tools and programs, such as Word or PowerPoint.
  • Log in to your account from any gadget.

1. Virtual “Wall”

Key players in the global cloud solutions market, such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, are trying to build a kind of virtual “wall” from competitors, satisfying any request of their customers.

But, as practice shows, users often do not stop at the services of one provider and prefer multi-clouds.  5 Main Cloud Trends Of 2021This solution simplifies cooperation with other companies and generally opens up broader prospects and opportunities.

2. Dear Artificial Intelligence!

If we recall footage from the 2000s, robots are our main enemies of the future, and the development of artificial intelligence is an inevitable approach to the apocalypse. But, as it turned out, Artificial Intelligence (AI), on the contrary, makes our lives easier and makes work processes more productive.

Areas for which the role of Artificial Intelligence is vital this year:

  • The infrastructure of a “smart” city;
  • Autonomous transport (driverless driving);
  • Pandemic planning.

The main advantage of cloud computing is that it is available to both a vast corporation and a small local business or startup. Cloud “products” become more convenient and efficient thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

3. Subscription Games

We can enjoy our favorite music anywhere, anytime, thanks to cloud solutions. Almost every Ukrainian has at least one subscription to a streaming service. Some advantages: watch movies, TV series, or TV shows at the right time and from any device; listen to fresh music releases without leaving home; at the same time, you do not need to store thousands of TVs on hard drives and constantly buy external drives.

Gradually, cloud technology is seeping into the gaming environment. Yes, Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Sony launched their gaming platforms. The principle is the same: you pay for a subscription every month and get access to the entire game library. And you no longer need to spend money to buy a different game.

4. Flexible Multi-Cloud Environment

There are two basic types of clouds: public and private. In comparison, a public cloud is a mass market with many consumers and the same conditions. Personal cloud storage is a premium boutique with an individual approach to each client.

But more and more companies are choosing the third type – a hybrid cloud, a mix of the two previous solutions. This allows you to simultaneously increase data security and reduce infrastructure maintenance costs.

5. “Iron” In The Past

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI, is a cloud environment where each user accesses a personal virtual desktop from their PC or laptop. This platform is safer and easier to manage. In addition, companies can save significantly, as they no longer need to buy expensive equipment and pay for software upgrades.

Amazon (Workspaces) and Microsoft ( Windows Virtual Desktop ) already offer such cloud solutions.

“The demand of Ukrainian companies for cloud solutions and placement of server equipment on the operator’s side is growing, because the business understands well: service IT tasks are faster and cheaper to implement convergent services, and focus on their own development and strategic objectives.

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