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HomeTECHNOLOGY7 Tips on Artificial intelligence Marketing Tools

7 Tips on Artificial intelligence Marketing Tools

Artificial intelligence marketing tools: You can come up with a unique product that no one has yet offered, but without letting yourself know, you will not be able to establish yourself on the market. Whether you have your own business or are part of another company, you have the same goal – to attract a potential customer. As usual, the day is only 24 hours long, and in addition to a colleague, Artificial intelligence marketing tools can help you not only to spend them at work.

Analysis is essential

Artificial intelligence marketing tools: Keeping track of what your competition is doing will take hours of your work time, but it will significantly affect your progress. Crayon will offer you a survey of the competition in the form of steps and changes that have occurred. With your team, you can analyze the information obtained and re-evaluate the appropriate procedure.

Do you only listen to the praise for your product? But would you like more, to know the truth? NetBase analyzes all sources where your product experience is mentioned, see below. In case of a negative perception, you have time and you can correct your reputation.

Sales Support

The field of potential customers is wide, and when approaching, you may forget to answer some questions or skip the entire conversation. will take on the role of your assistant, arranging e-mail communication also via chat on the website. He follows in the communication and, in case of agreement and interest, writes the appointment straight on the basis of your free dates in the calendar.

If you have a salesman who is doing more well than others, Chorus offers the ability to analyze and report trends based on the recording. The tool can be used to coach your salespeople. You will focus on specific words and the AI ​​marketing tool will evaluate the recording, of course we are talking about coaching and coaching in English.

Content marketing

Can’t you attract attention, lean the customer, the reader, on your side? Try “content curation” in your posts. This approach means offering relevant third-party content to your audience. If you don’t know how, Curata will collect and share this content for you, sample below. It can be integrated into several marketing platforms or CMS systems.

Creativity support

If you often can’t decide which option is best for your social media , Pattern89 will solve your dilemma. It will evaluate your suggestions and point to a more effective slogan or photo that will take on the customer. However, if you only operate on the Slovak market, you can at least try the AI ​​tool Auto Draw from Google, which will offer you suitable vector graphics based on your sketch.

We have several AI marketing tools available. But you don’t just have to look at the price, but also at your needs and goals. But as with any AI tool, you can use it to be more efficient and think about what to do with the time saved.

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