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Improve Your Website Thanks To Google

Improve Your Website Thanks To Google: it is unnecessary to emphasize the importance of having an optimized web page that meets the three basic principles of usability, ease, and an attractive design. But in the face of search engines, and specifically, Google, how can you optimize your site?

The most famous search engine in the world can get you to attract large volumes of traffic to your website as long as you know how to get the most out of it. If you “behave” with Google, it will reward you in the best possible way: positioning you among the first search results of users. 

Google And Positioning

What are the tools that Google puts at your disposal to be able to achieve a positioning according to what you offer on your website?

Ask yourself the following: in what searches do you want to appear? First, you should define the keywords for which other users want to find you. They must be relevant, frequent (if the search is not regular, you will not attract much traffic), and not very competitive (it is not advisable to choose too general terms). An excellent technique, to be more specific, is to use the long tail. Improve Your Website Thanks To Google 

For all this, you can help yourself with the Google Keyword Planner and  Google Trends platforms and thus find out what theme or words related to your online business use the most users. In addition, it is an excellent way to discover how your competition may be positioning itself. Improve Your Website Thanks To Google 

Regarding external optimization,  Google My Business is a valuable ally, especially for local SEO,  since it connects you directly with your clients. You will appear in the search results of Google Search, Maps, and Google Plus:  Google’s social network par excellence, which you should be aware of since it also affects positioning.

Have a blog to create quality content, disseminate your website and content on social networks, get other websites to link you (Google favors links from sites with similar themes ), etc. It must be connected to your positioning strategy, especially to make an effective SEO On Page and Off Page. Improve Your Website Thanks To Google 

In short, help yourself with Google to make yourself known, and the search engine will make sure that the rest of the online community knows about your business.

Advertise Your Business Online

If you want to reach the first search results based on advertising or paid content, that is, through SEM strategies, you will have to use Google Adwords. This platform will allow you to advertise your business online on the search network (results offered by the search engine) or on the display network (on other websites associated with Google, such as YouTube). To get advertised, you must bid, as an auction, for the keywords that best define your business and design attractive ads to capture the user’s attention. 

Every time your ad is clicked to access your website, you will have to pay for having shown it to the user in question. It is an excellent tool to accompany your SEO strategy, but depending on the competition and the type of business, it may require a high investment.

Other Tools 

But not all Google services are related to positioning. Some of them are used to send orders to the search engine or collect detailed information from visitors who visit your website. Improve Your Website Thanks To Google 

In the case of the first, we find Google Search Console. This tool is closely linked to positioning, but it is not used for such, but more to unravel how the user, or Google itself, views the content of your website or the results it returns based on the keywords with which it is performed. The search. Improve Your Website Thanks To Google 

In addition, it offers many other services, such as detecting tracking errors that prevent the indexing of some URLs, what content to the index to search engines, the possibility of making redirects, etc. To be clear, you can track how Google treats your website through the Search Console.

Use  Google Analytics to know how the user behaves on your website: which links they visit the most, from which website they come, how long their session lasts, etc. Knowing these can help you see if your online or positioning strategy is on the right track or if it is necessary to make a 180º turn and change course. 

Analytics provides detailed reports on the content, social networks, mobile devices, conversions, and advertising that visitors interact with the most while browsing the site. You will be able to measure each step the user takes on your website and get closer to their consumption model. It is a tool that, getting the most out of it, can be essential to outline a profile of your buyer persona.


Lastly, there would be  Google Adsense. This platform allows you to place ads on your website, both text, and display, depending on the content your site deals with and the visitors it receives. One of the most common ways a website earns money is by assigning available spaces to Google to insert advertising.

Now you know! Begin to familiarize yourself with Google and discover all the advantages it can offer you to make your website one of the most searched and found.

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