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HomeMARKETINGSearch Engine Optimization(SEO) On YouTube: How?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) On YouTube: How?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) On YouTube: How? Incorporating SEO on YouTube in your positioning strategies is not crazy. It is a master plan. When we talk about Web Positioning or SEO, most focus on Google, forgetting that we have other search engines at our disposal. YouTube, in case you don’t know, is another Google product, and it is the second most used search engine in Spain. Therefore, due to its great authority, YouTube could play a leading role in your strategies to win the first position on the first page of the almighty Google.

How Can I Do SEO On Youtube?

Thanks to the easy integration of the videos with your website, companies and individuals can use this tool to keep the user longer on their website. Considering that this is a very important SEO factor, positioning experts are of great benefit in using video as part of a comprehensive strategy. Even online stores can have their own YouTube channel.

The strategy is simple: upload the valuable content on your website and leave a link in the video published on your YouTube channel so that visitors come to your site for more. This will increase traffic and sales and increase rankings in search engines.

Considerations To Take Into Account For SEO On YouTube:

Analyze Your Competition

Analyze the keywords with which you want to rank and check who is in the top positions. What is your competition doing? How many comments have you received? Can you beat them?

Use The Right Category

You must select the correct category for your video. This is important for your video to get relevance and improve its positioning. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) On YouTube: How?

Optimize Your Title

Include keywords in it. The title is the most important part to consider. This must impact, so it must be striking. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) On YouTube: How?

Use The Correct Tags In Your Video

The tags of your videos must be related to the keyword. You can go “tuning” the SEO in your videos after having published them. You can add and improve the tags you have used.

Take Advantage Of The Content In Your Videos

Content is king. There are descriptions in the videos that need to explain what the video is about or what the user can expect when watching the video. In addition, this description will also help other search engines to locate your video easily since it will be relevant. In this section, you can also leave a link to your website.

Your content must be original and creative. You must add value to your visitors so that they become loyal followers. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) On YouTube: How?

Use Thumbnails

Video thumbnails allow viewers to see an overview of your video while browsing YouTube. After your video is finished and you have already uploaded it, you can choose a thumbnail image from the three options YouTube automatically generates. Select the image you want to use and click “Save Changes.”

Choose an image that attracts attention that arouses the curiosity of your visitors.

Share Your Videos On Other Social Networks

The more reproductions you get, the more comments you will generate. These contribute to the credibility and growth of traffic and online positioning of your blog.

Short, Concise, But Tasty

Something important, your videos can last an hour. Try to be concise in your videos. Try to keep the writing short but complete. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) On YouTube: How?

Follow Up On Comments

Users will ask questions or comments related to your video. Customer service should be your forte. This must be warm and respectful since it has a lot of value in generating loyalty and trust.

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