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HomeBUSINESSProduct Manager vs. Project Manager: Differences And Common Characteristics

Product Manager vs. Project Manager: Differences And Common Characteristics

Product Manager vs. Project Manager: Poor project management is one of the main causes of failure to launch a product or undertake a business plan. Thus, success or failure comes, to a large extent, from those responsible.

That is why you must have the experience and knowledge that a  and a project manager can bring to your next launch. But what are the functions of each of these roles?

You may wonder which of these profiles is ideal for your company. We will deeply analyze their qualities, differences, and similarities and why you should add their knowledge and experiences to achieve better results.

Differences Between The Product Manager And Project Manager

A product manager is a person who leads the management of a product from scratch, which is why he is in charge of developing positioning strategies by working with stakeholders and members of the production team.

For its part, the success or failure of a project is attributed to the project manager, who is responsible for planning, implementing, and closing everything related to product development and administration.

Let’s See In Detail What These Differences Consist Of. 


Product manager: its main function is to create the internal and external vision of any product and develop it. 

Project manager: its main function is to plan, supervise and guarantee the success of a company’s projects.


Product manager: generally, these leaders start from a strategic approach to find the best solution for a market need. 

Project manager: his approach consists of managing the activities of a work group, which is why he has a coordinating role.


Product manager: consolidate the brand as a benchmark in its sector by creating innovative, quality, and representative market offers for the company. 

Project manager: makes processes within the company efficient for effectively fulfilling tasks and projects from beginning to completion. 

Customer Relationship

Product manager: Because product leaders must offer useful solutions to the market, they must strive to understand the customer and prospects. 

Project manager: these professionals only interact directly with the client if they are developing a project for a specific one. 

Use Of Information

Product manager: those responsible for product development work with data extracted from market studies, surveys, and evaluations of the commercial niche. 

Project manager: project leaders use work methodologies appropriate to the demands for results from the company. 

Resource Management   

Product manager: usually has dynamic budgets distributed in research, design, and evaluation of results.

Project manager: your main resource is human talent, and you must be able to manage their skills to obtain the expected results according to the existing budget.

This means that  work with large budgets to develop market solutions.

Use Of Technology  

Product manager: relies on specialized software systems for product design, testing machinery, or development of computer systems.

Project manager: uses communication tools, as well as work management platforms, for the organization of calendars, tasks, and projects.


Product manager: the final product of the efforts of a  is the final service, product, or offer that will be launched on the market.

Project manager:  obtains, as a result, a work plan that allows achieving the goals set and their consequent realization.

Similarities Between The Product Manager And Project Manager

Now that you know the profile of each of these professionals, it’s time to find their common traits. This will help you choose the right person to lead the management of your products and projects and complement your company’s work.

Let’s look at some of the skills, characteristics, and qualities that  and project managers are similar to.

How To Use The Talent Of The Product Manager And The Project Manager

A product manager cannot do the work of a project manager, and vice versa. Through their unique abilities, they find the best ways to organize themselves. While the  influences the entire development process, the project manager facilitates everything necessary for it to be carried out successfully. 

If you are about to launch a new product on the market, opting for both experts is best. While the  serves customers and conducts tests with them, the project manager will follow up with team members to ensure everything is going as planned.

The talent of both can be integrated to avoid carelessness between one activity and another. The investigations, strategies, and prioritization of product management will be carried out with the greatest possible efficiency and with two simultaneous views that will reduce the number of setbacks that may arise. 

In this way, your product will never be neglected and will hit the market at the time you expect

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