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Don’t Underestimate The Influence Music Can Have On Your Business

Don’t Underestimate The Influence Music: Imagine walking into a clothing store where you expect to find a heated and energetic atmosphere or even a grocery store with a relaxed atmosphere, but where you hear no music. It’s no coincidence that music features consistently in the marketing campaigns of big, successful brands.

Music is a media intimately linked to emotions that can arouse nostalgia and allow for forging links with customers quickly by creating a pleasant atmosphere. Whether it’s in a clothing store, a grocery store, or a bar where customers sip a drink, the music you play is an integral part of your customer’s overall experience. It adds value for both your customers as well as for your employees.

Don’t Underestimate The Influence Music In the summer, restaurants and grocers can increase traffic to build customer loyalty by focusing on music. You don’t have to be a big brand to do that. Just make it a priority. In addition, the advantages for a company betting on music are undeniable.


We’ve researched the value and importance many businesses place on music. We asked Canadians what effect the music they hear in an establishment has on their experience as customers. According to our most recent study, collaboration with the firm music has a very positive influence on restaurants and retail businesses.

  • 78%  of Canadians say having music in a restaurant makes them enjoy their meal more, and nearly three-quarters say it makes them stay longer;
  • 80%  of the bar, restaurant and retail owners agree that music helps create a more positive experience;
  • Two-thirds of Canadians agree that music influences their decision to return to or recommend a restaurant;
  • 75%  of Canadians enjoy what they eat and drink more when there is live music they want; More than two-thirds of business owners believe that on-site musicians attract more customers, and more than half of those owners agree that live music gives them an edge over their competitors.
  • More than a quarter (28%) of Canadians would react negatively if they were in a restaurant with no music, 43% of them would not tend to return, and 20 % would go.
  • 34%  of Canadians say that knowing a restaurant has a proper music license and pays fair and equitable royalties would influence their decision to go there.

Although it is difficult to quantify the benefits of music for a business, the fact remains that it plays a central role. It isn’t easy to measure the direct influence of air conditioning on the customer experience during the summer months. Don’t Underestimate The Influence Music Still, you would be hard-pressed to find a restaurant or a grocery store that agrees to make its customers sweat!

Some Advice

So how do you use music to connect with your customers? Here are some easy ways to make music have a positive effect on your customers’ experience and enjoy increased loyalty in return:

  1. Evaluate the music you play and make sure it represents your brand well and meets the needs and expectations of your customers. Is the music too loud or not loud enough for your customers?
  1. Choose music that creates a conducive atmosphere for your customers; Is the music in the dining room too loud, even deafening, to encourage conversations?
  1. Consider where music could improve the customer experience. Is there music playing at the front of the restaurant where customers are waiting for a table or queuing to pay the bill?
  1. Please consider any events or festivals that attract visitors to the area and use them as inspiration to make your musical choices. This weekend, is there a festival or a piece of music show that your customers attend in large numbers? This is a great way to show that your brand is in tune with the local cultural scene and plays an essential role.
  1. Don’t forget your colleagues and staff. Seek their input and be open to other people’s musical tastes. Are you playing music that you like, while your team and the feedback you receive from your customers indicate that they would all prefer a different musical score? It would be good to ask you the question.


Consider the music you play and determine if it is appropriate for your customers and represents your brand well. It’s also important to keep in mind that music can help grow your business and create value if used wisely. It’s worth paying the price because creators can keep making the music that benefits your business. Adding music to your establishment, whether it’s a retail store in Laval, a grocery store in Quebec City, or a bar in Montreal, allows you to build strong relationships with your customers and promote the prosperity of your business. 

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