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Advance Strategies In Social Networks

Advance Strategies In Social Networks: SMM stands for Social Media Marketing in English. A more detailed definition is: “SMM is social media marketing. Marketing based on working with people who are users of Instagram, Facebook, tik tok, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks”.

The objectives of social networks are to provide the public with quality content and, with their help, help buyers make the necessary decisions for consumers. Today social networks are the fastest-growing segment on the Internet and the one that reaches the most end users. Defining strategies in Social Networks is essential for success.

What Is The Strategy In Social Networks?

Generally, it is a plan to promote a product or service on social networks. This plan does not unfold in a day or two. It is a long-term process. The strategy in Social Networks must be significant and planned, with clearly defined objectives, and a simple, intuitive approach in social marketing needs to be revised.

The strategy in social networks must answer these five questions:

  • Who do we sell to?
  • What do we sell?
  • How to deal effectively?
  • When and where to promote the product?
  • What product properties to develop?

We want your attention to the fact that we were planning actions, and the results you will receive depend on the answers to these questions. Therefore, you must openly cooperate with specialists to get the best results. A common mistake of entrepreneurs when answering the contractor’s questions: “Well, you are specialists, so that you will decide everything yourself!”. 

To achieve the best effect, we recommend contacting a Social Media agency. Each step should be delegated to different specialists within the agency. Let the content manager handle the publishing of assets, and the designer craft the creatives…

This will help you work efficiently at the same time. As a result, the speed of work will increase significantly. Strategies In Social Networks 

Strategy Development In Below Steps Check It:

Swot Analysis

Even before the start of work, it is discussed how the site will look and where the brand will interact with the audience. Advance Strategies In Social Network

At this stage, it makes sense to look at your competitors. Carry out a detailed analysis to identify their strengths and weaknesses using the SWOT method. This is a unique trading tool. Take a piece of paper and divide it into four parts. In the upper left, write the advantages of your competitors, and in the upper right, their disadvantages. 

The lower left section is occupied by your opportunities, the circumstances that can contribute to the growth of your competitors, and the lower right part, the threats. Threats are things that can worsen the situation of your competitors in the market.

Formation Of Goals And Objectives

Goals and objectives are at the heart of a long-term project. It is easier to set goals using the SMART model: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and limited in time.

Setting measurable goals and objectives makes it possible to track whether or not work on the project is progressing. The easiest option is to keep track of the status of the goal: it has been achieved in whole or part. Always set KPI for any activity.

KPIs are key performance indicators. This includes any results that have the word growth. This can be an increase in coverage in the community, an increase in the number of subscribers, an increase in the number of messages in the community and other indicators. KPIs should not be confused with the word “metric.” Metrics include the number of views, posts, likes, subscribers, and many others. Metrics tell us what should grow, and KPI: how much growth should occur.

Determine The Target Audience

The cornerstone of social media is the target audience. Every second on social networks is dedicated to defining the target audience and its segmentation. Why is the main task to determine the target audience? Let’s give an example. Do you sell travel bags? How would you set a goal? Or is it better to ask who your customer is?

Many people answer: well, that’s it! Everyone needs suitcases. No, it’s not! Bags are necessary only for those who travel. Strategies In Social Networks 

The target audience can and should be segmented. This is done to find the most suitable product for people. Travelers can also be segmented. There are family and individual travelers. Approve KPI

Having chosen social media to work with and having competitor analysis data, it’s time to determine the criteria for success as a social media specialist. General KPIs include the number of subscribers in the group, transitions from site to group and vice versa, comments, content shares, and the number of likes on posts.

Additional KPIs include coverage, engagement, cost of an engaged participant, and specific actions. For all metrics, set realistic goals to achieve. 

Content Plan

Follow all the steps above to avoid facing a content creation problem. What content to create? How much to post per day? And many other questions. Remember, you can only post with a plan. The tool of a competent businessman is planning. You are included in social networks. You don’t have to plan your content a year in advance, but you can do it for a month. 

The ideal ratio is something like this:

  • Participation: 40% (activities, similar time, voting)
  • Personalized. 30% (reviews, customer photo with your product)
  • Educational: 25% (1001 ways to use your product)
  • Advertising. 5% (you already sell something to your subscribers)

Interaction With The Sites

You already know that you can be promoted for a fee. But there are also free promotion methods. Now we will tell you about them. Use post-sharing:

Find a community similar to yours and invite each other to write a helpful post, and at the end, indicate who wrote the post. This method is called mutual RP. 


Let’s say you sell iPhone cases. You can arrange with your city’s public manager “Oído” who will cover and advertise for you for free. This method is called barter. Advance Strategies In Social Network Strategies In Social Networks 

Leaders of opinion:

Search for bloggers and micro bloggers in your niche. The main thing is that they are read, liked, and people communicate with the blogger. Advance Strategies In Social Network


Now you must prepare images or photos for posting and write posts according to the content plan. It is essential to choose the correct time and frequency for posts not to disturb your subscribers and to deliver the necessary messages on time.

The classic daily posting plan for a store-selling account is as follows:

First post 

8:00 – 8:30 (Drive to work). Post a good morning message or wish. Any content that the user likes or actively comments on will do. The purpose of this post is to collect user reactions, which will move your posts up in the bright feed.

Second publication 

12:00 – 13:30 (Lunch). At lunch, design the stalls. Promotions, discounts, special offers – everything should be in circulation. Your customers are actively buying at this time of day.

Third Post 

17:00-18:30 (The Way Home). Post informational, educational, or a schedule of events in your store over the weekend. People want to read something interesting on the way home from work.  Strategies In Social Networks 

Post four 

21:00-23:00 (Time before bedtime). You can try to sell or resell products again. Right now, there’s another burst of activity. During this time, they often skim the news before going to bed. Strategies In Social Networks 

Automation And Outsourcing

Do you have a streamlined process for creating content and posting ads? Then it’s time to delegate and automate. Strategies In Social Networks 

Explore auto post-scheduling systems and auto-buy exchanges.

The best solution would be to contact a full-cycle marketing agency. This will solve two problems. Not only will you delegate responsibilities for the development of your business, but it will also be easier for you to control the contractor’s activities.


You have to control the group’s work process, carry out a systematic analysis of activities and optimize the components that do not meet the desired indicators.

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