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What Is The Difference Between Web Design And Web Development?

What Is The Difference Between Web Design And Web Development? Web design is the initial approach of the entire style based on the structure and content, while web development is the execution of the proposed project. Web development is the correct execution of web design.

Web design is much more than an original style, and web design is the approach of the entire project. It is the creative and future projection part of our web project.

How To Make A Good Web Design?

The importance of web design is fundamental. That is why we should open ourselves to more than acquiring a generic template and changing the logo, colors, images, and texts; we must bet on something personal and unique.

A Good Web Design Includes The Following Points:

Analysis of the client’s needs regarding the objective of the web. The research is no longer just whether it is an online store or an informative web page, but the profile of our client and the public to which it is addressed.

Establish a content tree, which is nothing more than the web menu and the structure on which the page contents will be assembled. This will define the number of sections, the different levels, and how we propose displaying the navigation menu.

Design in line with the logo. An excellent graphic design is faithful to the client’s logo’s message and always in line with it, as long as we start with a worked and well-defined logo. A modern logo should imply a stylish and innovative page, while a traditional logo should have a simple and classic design that shows reliability and permanence.

The approach of the contents to define the structure of the page. Suppose the client is very dynamic in its contents. In that case, we must have the home segment segmented with different sections of news, news, and events… to show the latest possible information in the store. Still, if it hardly generates information and they are more aesthetic services, we must bet on a home that includes elements with links to the different services offered by the client.

Multiple graphic presentations to the client that allow them to assess and see our ideas to take the one that best suits their business and web idea, all of which must be presentations of a functional web design.

Adaptability to mobiles and tablets. Internet browsing is currently divided between mobile devices and computers, so we must pay attention to the design that a user with a mobile terminal will perceive.

What Contributes To A Good Web Design?

Like any project in life, a good approach will mark its success. A good web design encompasses and defines.

  • The needs of each client, adapting them to their characteristics.
  • Improve the navigability of the web with a friendly design for its contents.
  • Facilitates a pleasant user experience by having a good structure.
  • Increases page authority by retaining the user longer.
  • Builds customer loyalty and improves return to the page.
  • Provides an individual and exclusive image with a differentiating design.
  • Simplicity, without complicating navigation for the user.

In short, a good web design brings empathy to your audience and improves customer loyalty, differentiating it from competitors.

What Is Web Development?

It is the execution of the project and the materialization of the design. It is only helpful to have a perfect plan if the company’s web development is well executed.

Web development is the continuation and execution of web design and allows web browsing to be clean, fast, friendly, and correctly adapted to all mobile devices.

Ideally, the web design and web development company should be the same, and if they also host the page with the provision of the rest of the associated services, all the better because we will have a single person responsible for the result of our website.

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