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Characteristics Of Calls To Action

Characteristics Of Calls To Action: If you don’t know what they are and the characteristics of calls to action, you are in the perfect place to find out.

You may not have noticed, but they are everywhere. Its objective is to call the customer’s attention so that we “buy,” “request information,” “Subscribe,” etc.

What Is A Call To Action?

A call to action (called Call To Action or CTA in English) is an indication on your website, your landing, social networks, billboards,… to tell users what we have to do.

It seems simple, but, in reality, it is not because we are already saturated with seeing so many call-to-action buttons, and getting the user’s interest is becoming more and more complicated.

In this post, we will see some features that can help us.

Characteristics Of Calls To Action

Purchasing decisions are rational and depend on other factors such as our economic capacity, state of mind, trust in the brand, opinions, the need for the product, and much more. That is why we must consider some important details of the call-to-action buttons to attract users:

Size And Color

The call-to-action button needs to be large and stand out from the other elements. It should be noticed. Bright and contrasting colors will draw the user’s attention, and it will be almost impossible for us to see them. Instead, pastel tones on light backgrounds will have the opposite effect.


Many times, we think that a good design is enough. Nothing is further from reality. The content of the button is very important. That is why we advise you that it should always be a short, simple, emotional message, indicating the action we want users to take, what I get for clicking, using offers, discounts, daring, etc. And, of course, let’s avoid the typical: More information. Subscribe, Download, ….and let’s be a little more original.

Analysis And More Analysis: 

As always, the best thing would be to make two or three models to launch. So we could see the one that works best for our audience.

Some Examples Of Calls To Action

Many times it is difficult for us to get inspired, so, from Howcomtech, we leave you some examples that can help you:

  1. Read right now
  1. How cheap
  1. Travel again
  1. I do!
  1. I’m interested now!
  1. Free trial 15 days
  1. Ok, I want it
  1. I’m ready!
  1. Try now
  1. Sign up, last places!
  1. Stock limited
  1. We are out of stock
  1. Join for free
  1. Enter the web

This information is useful when writing the calls to action in your next campaigns.

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